Want to hop between Tokyo, Kyoto, and everywhere else between Hokkaido and Kumamoto? This is the plan for you.

Recently, we’ve seen a number of hotels in Japan start offering long-term stay packages, letting you spend a whole month in luxurious accommodations for less than you might spend on a similarly equipped apartment in their neighborhoods. The latest to join in on this trend is Japan’s Mitsui hotel group, but instead of locking you into staying at one hotel, its amazing new plan lets you stay at dozens of hotels across the country for an extremely low monthly rate.

The service is called the Hotel Dokodemo Pass (dokodemo being the Japanese word for “anywhere”), and it’s a monthly plan that lets you stay at any of 35 Mitsui group hotels in 12 different prefectures, with a base price of 150,000 yen (US$$1,450) a month, plus an additional 500 or 2,000 yen per night (depending on room type), and allows you to jump from one to the other as often as you’d like.

▼ Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza-gochome

That total works out to still just 165,000-210,000 yen a month, which is far below the rent you’d pay for a high-rise condo in neighborhoods like Tokyo’s Ginza or Kyoto’s Shijo, both of which are among the hotel options for the plan. Up to two guests are allowed per room at those prices, and if 30 days isn’t enough you can also extend the plan (at the same rates) to 60 or 90 days.

▼ Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shijo

The plan covers seven hotels in Tokyo , in neighborhoods such as Ueno, Otemachi, and Shiodome, and five in Kyoto, where locales include Sanjo, Kawaracho, and the Kyoto Station vicinity.

▼ Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyotoeki-mae (Kyoto Station)

The complete list of cities stretches from Japan’s northernmost prefecture of Hokkaido all the way down to southern Kyushu and consists of 35 properties in Tokyo, Kyoto, Sapporo, Sendai, Kanazawa, Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and three locations in Chiba.

▼ Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa

In addition to amenities such as free Wi-Fi, complementary toiletries, maid service, and fresh towels and pajamas, many of the hotels also offer access to their fitness centers or Japanese-style bath facilities, which offer a chance to experience traditional Japanese bath culture while taking in some beautifully tranquil views.

▼ Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Sanjo

▼ Mitsui Garden Hotel Kanazawa

Given the expected high demand for the Hotel Dokodemo Pass, Mitsui is limiting availability to 100 parties, to be chosen by a lottery system. Applications can be made online here until March 5, with winners informed by March 10 and the first night of their stay to be sometime between March 20 and April 10, regardless of whether they select the one, two, or three-month pass.

Source: Mitsui Fudosan Hotel Management
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