Wildlife conservation is never an easy task. Too many obstacles stand in the way, such as modernization, human activity, pollution, and climate changes, just to name a few.

A group of kind citizens bought 800 live carp, releasing them into the Yellow River in China in hopes of rejuvenating the dwindling numbers of the native species, but little did they expect the fish to flow straight into fishing nets of the greedy fellowmen waiting downstream.

The Yellow River is the second longest river in the world, flowing through nine provinces in China. It is said to have played a critical part in shaping the nation’s history and civilization. Though it has been prone to flooding since ancient times, the great river is also home to a species of fish known as the yellow river carp, which is famous for its fine, tender flesh and unique flavor. Needless to say, the yellow river carp is a popular ingredient for local cuisine, the most well-known dish being “sweet and sour yellow river carp”, a signature dish of Jinan City in Shandong Province, eastern China.

▼ Deep-fried yellow river carp drenched in tangy sweet and sour sauce.

However, due to pollution and over-fishing, the species is said to be dwindling in numbers. On 18 December 2013, a group of more than 20 kindhearted individuals forked out their hard-earned money to purchase over 800 yellow river carps (approximately 1,000kg in weight), releasing the live fish into their natural habitat, hoping to turn the tables. This would have been a great heartwarming story, if only the story ended here.

Now, if you’ve been following RocketNews24 in 2013, you would have known by now that some people in China are extremely enthusiastic about capturing wild fish, and sometimes even birds. Yes, it happened again.

Before the freed carps could even take a tour around their spacious new home, over 50 people were witnessed making a mad dash to a spot just 100-meters downstream, fully equipped with fishing nets and buckets. Some of them even came in trucks and mini vans to transport their intended haul!

▼ These people bought these carps with their own money!


▼ It almost looks like some legit fishing festival.



We feel terribly sorry for the generous souls who attempted to salvage the situation (and for bringing you such upsetting news so soon into the new year!), but by the time this article hits the website, most of the 800 new carp would have probably ended up in some hungry human’s stomach. But at least it’s consolation to know that not all Chinese are free hauling enthusiasts! There are kind, compassionate citizens among them too!

Source: Sihai Xinwen, Zhongguo Shuichan Yangzhi Wang
Images: Zhongguo Shuichan Yangzhi Wang, JPIMG
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