Apparently unsatisfied with North Korea’s delectable, super power-bestowing mushrooms, and finding very little else in the way of sustenance, a desperate tiger was recently caught on camera making the treacherous swim across the Yalu River from North Korea towards China.

The unidentified tiger joins throngs of human North Korean citizens who attempt through a variety of means to escape the famously human rights-violating dictatorship. Unbeknownst to many, there are ways to openly appeal to the North Korean government for leave to go on your merry way, but this unsurprisingly requires quite a bit of clout and maybe a bribe or two.

While on the surface this does indeed look like a daring, Great Escape-style dash for freedom, tiger experts will tell you that – despite your common house cat’s pathological aversion to water – many tiger species are quite at home in the drink and pretty fond of taking a dip to cool down or, if circumstances call for it, to chase down prey.

In fact, tigers commonly have webbed paws to make swimming easier – a far more productive use of webbing than what we saw in South Korea earlier this week.

Source: Toychan.net
Feature photo: Appaloosa – Wikimedia Commons