Yellow River

“Kind Chinese” vs “Greedy Chinese”: Efforts to save wild carp instantly nullified

Wildlife conservation is never an easy task. Too many obstacles stand in the way, such as modernization, human activity, pollution, and climate changes, just to name a few.

A group of kind citizens bought 800 live carp, releasing them into the Yellow River in China in hopes of rejuvenating the dwindling numbers of the native species, but little did they expect the fish to flow straight into fishing nets of the greedy fellowmen waiting downstream.

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Thirty million tons of silt and water rocket out of Yellow River dam

The Yellow River, which flows through nine of China’s provinces, is historically one of the deadliest due to frequent large-scale flooding. In modern times, massive floods have been curbed by the invention of dams, but with that comes a different, equally startling scene.

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