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If you happen to be in Osaka in the next month and feel up to braving the chilly nights, there is an interesting event taking place at Osaka Castle as part of the Art Festival of Light. In addition to the castle gardens being decorated with thousands of twinkling bulbs and a giant cube of swirling light constructed with LEDs, the castle itself will be the canvas for a 3D mapping projection guaranteed to confuse your brain.


3D mapping projection uses an irregularly shaped backdrop, in this case the eaves of Osaka’s famous 16th century castle, as a projection screen. Using special software that takes the shape of the backdrop into account, the projection can create optical illusions of extra dimensions and movement.

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For a taste of how it looks, check out this video:

Pretty neat, right? The 9-minute show conceptualizes the history of Osaka Castle from its feudal roots, through its multiple destructions and rebuildings, to its place in the modern, pop city.

The show will be held from 17:30-22:30 on weekends and other specified days until Feb 6th and costs 1,600 yen (US$15) for adults and 950 yen for children.

▼The grounds of the castle are also decorated with colorful lights. IMG_5087


▼”Big Blue,” a sea of undulating blue lights that feels like being in the middle of a digital ocean


▼Inside Japan’s largest cube of LED lights


▼Naturally, lots of tasty food and drinks are on offer, including hot spiced wine and turkey legs.


▼The Baroque gardens are the set for another light show, set to classic Baroque music.


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▼From a closer vantage point, you can see how the projection depends on the contours of the building to achieve the 3D effect.

Images and video: RocketNews24