Go on a whirlwind tour of all 47 prefectures in Japan with this gorgeous promo movie【Video】

Explore every corner of Japan through your screen.

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Venture through real-life locations from Ghost of Tsushima with this handy tourism website

The city of Nagasaki has helpfully compiled a site so you can experience similar sights, sounds, and tastes to Jin Sakai himself.

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Tokyo aquarium’s reopening showcases a revamped, ethereally beautiful jellyfish chamber

Sumida Aquarium boasts a special viewing tank, transparent floors, and sections where you can see how they breed the jellies.

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Japan’s National Tourism Organization posts achingly gorgeous promo video: “hope lights the way”

Japan’s tourism board wants you to remember that though things are scary now, Japan will wait patiently until you can visit its scenic shores.
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Japanese train station grows wine grapes on the platform

Wait for your train under the shade of Japan’s only train station platform vineyard.

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Japan’s hot-spring capital Beppu made quite possibly the best tourism video ever

Who new hot springs could be so cinematic?

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Street Kart company famous for Super Mario karts ends crowdfunding campaign with dismal support

Attempt to keep the go-karts running on Tokyo roads raises embarrassingly low amount of money.

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Formerly Mario-themed go-kart rental service opens crowdfunding to save their business

Hard times for the once-thriving Tokyo tourist attraction.

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Japanese government to subsidize domestic travel this summer to boost the ailing tourism industry

The government is hoping grants and coupons will help encourage people to travel again.

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Sakura cherry blossoms float on breeze, land on Nara deer in perfect hanami video

Heavenly hanami landscape plays out like a scene from a Ghibli anime film. 

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Drink with a Japanese geisha at an online drinking party

Now you don’t even have to be in Japan to spend time with a geisha. 

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Sensoji temple at Asakusa gets a new giant lantern

While we were all social distancing, Tokyo’s most famous temple got a facelift.

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Japanese city cuts 800,000 tulips after people refuse to stay away despite coronavirus risks

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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Popular tourist spots in Kyoto look like a ghost town due to coronavirus

Everyone staying indoors means no one is going sightseeing. Read More

We test out Honda’s free rental motorbike program and eat disease-thwarting mochi【Photos】

Cruise around town and experience a different side of Kyoto in style and comfort.

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Nara deer leave park, head to station for food as tourist numbers tumble due to coronavirus

Videos show herds of deer galloping down streets and stopping traffic as they search for food. 

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Mysterious salt cauldrons predict disasters at one of the “Three Great Miracles of Japan”

We travel off the beaten track to one of the most fascinating holy sites in the country.

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Hakone onsen ryokan offers crazy cheap “Gimme a flippin’ break from the coronavirus” room deals

Less than $US40 a night gets you two luxury meals and a room with a private rotenburo bath attached.

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We visit the “Naples of Japan”, a secret destination tourists don’t know about yet

Enjoy the charm of a Mediterannean-style port town without leaving Japan

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Oldest ryokan at Japanese onsen resort goes bankrupt due to coronavirus

COVID-19 claims its first major business casualty in Japan.

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