Restaurants, Roads, Rats: How has Tsukiji changed after the fish market move?

Our reporter investigates.

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Tokyo accommodation: Capsule hotel offers unique sleep and sauna stay for women

Do-C provides Löyly and a warm pillar for an authentic Finnish sauna experience you won’t find anywhere else in Japan.

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Sushi Dai and other famous restaurants from Tsukiji fish market open at new Toyosu location

We pay a visit to the new market to find out if the restaurants from Tsukiji are still as good as they used to be.

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Toyosu fish market opens with tuna auction, traffic jams, accidents, and turret truck fire

Photos and videos from first day at new fish market in Tokyo show a very different scene to Tsukiji.

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Tsukiji fish market vendors move to Toyosu in huge fleet of turret trucks【Pics & Video】

Pre-dawn scenes played out like a parade for the Tsukiji fish market workers.

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Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo closes for relocation, marks end of an era in Japan【Pics & Video】

Fishmongers, customers and tourists bid a sad farewell to the famous fish market, which was a Tsukiji mainstay for 83 years.

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Top 10 places to see a spectacular sunset in Japan

Japanese travellers reveal the most breathtaking places to watch the setting sun.

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Visit Tokyo sites and learn about Japanese sushi with Pikotaro and “Can You See? I’m Sushi”

The famous performer even takes a walk on the sexy side by feasting on sushi with a crew of female dancers.

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“Once In Your Life In Osaka” is this year’s song of the summer 【Video】

If you love Osaka, you’ll love it even more after watching this music video.

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Flooded disaster-struck region in Japan urges people to use hashtag to tell everyone they’re okay

After dealing with a natural disaster, this part of Japan is now struggling to prevent financial disaster as well.

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The top 30 restaurants in Japan, as chosen by foreign visitors

In case you’re wondering: Sukiyabashi Jiro is not on the list.

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Japanese town suffers population decline, turns its local elementary school into an aquarium

Yes, those really are sharks swimming around in the school pool.

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JR West unveils new Japanese long distance train with special features for passengers

This is an extra special rail experience, even by Japanese standards.

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Travel through Japanese festivals and tourist sites with this stunning 8K highlight reel 【Video】

You’ll want to watch this astounding video more than once to soak in all the beauty they’ve packed into two-and-a-half minutes.

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Deer in Nara refuse crackers after Golden Week visitors leave them too full to eat【Photos】

Tourists were shocked to see the usually ravenous deer turn down their favourite treats.

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MariCar Mario Kart driver mounts pavement, causes serious damage in Tokyo accident

The foreign tourist won’t be forgetting her eventful Mario Kart experience anytime soon.

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Sakura season 2018 officially declared in Tokyo as first cherry blossoms begin to bloom

Hanami flower-viewing season begins nine days earlier than average as the city’s official “sample tree” sprouts its first blossoms.

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Soak in a secret Japanese onsen hot spring…in a dilapidated old building

This is one of the most unusual onsen in all of Japan.
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Edge The Harukas: Japan’s tallest building has a thrilling new open-air rooftop attraction

Come with us as we walk through what it takes to hang out over the edge of a skyscraper.

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Tokyo Tower opens up new “Top Deck Tour” with futuristic interiors, free drinks and extra services

Visitors to the new Top Deck viewing platform get to enjoy VIP treatment along with the stunning Tokyo skyline.
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