19-year-old male figure skater Yuzuru Hanyū won the hearts of fans in Japan and across the globe this week. It’s not just his Olympic gold medal in Men’s Free Skating that has everyone talking. Hanyū also bears a striking resemblance to Neon Genesis Evangelion Shinji Ikari. Viewers are also fans of his cute Winnie the Pooh tissue cozy.

Character designer Akemi Takada (Urusei YatsuraCreamy MamiKimagure Orange RoadPatlaborFancy Laladrew a “hasty” sketch of Hanyu as Shinji. A similar Photoshopped image has been circulating the Internet even before the final competition rounds began, prompting Shinji voice actress Megumi Ogata to comment.


Yukito Ayatsuji, the author of the Another light novel that inspired the anime of the same name, talked about the skater on Twitter, admitting that he had little interest in figure skating before, and only really became aware of it during this Olympics. He added that he might like to make the “cute-looking boy” a character in one of his novel projects — Satsujinki (Homicidal Killer). He mused that “Satsujinki: Winter Sports Edition” would have plenty of killing tools at his disposal.

Anime character designer Masami Obari predicted that there is going to be an avalanche of figure-skating anime proposals.

One-time Weekly Shonen Jump new-artist award winner and pixiv member Takumi drew Hanyu (and his tissue cozy) in the style of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure artist Hirohiko Araki.


Manga creator Kousuke Fujishima (Ah My Goddess) also drew a portrait of the skater with a brush pen.

Others fans are having fun making their own Photoshop creations including “Hyōjō no Prince-sama”(Prince-sama on Ice):






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