Who doesn’t love a good vacation? Particularly for working adults, it’s the only time we can take a step back from our hectic work lives, unleash the wild-child within us, and perhaps do something silly without worrying about (too many) repercussions since we’ll be jetting off in a couple of days.

But wait, hold your horses! The last thing you would want to do on an overseas vacation is to unknowingly breach the law, right? Some of the things that we normally do in our homeland might be illegal in other parts of the world. Things as normal as ladies wearing pants. Strange, huh? There’s more coming up!

  • Women should not wear pants in France

Did you know that it is technically illegal for women to wear pants in France? Or rather, it was, until they officially revoked the law just last year. It had been against the law for women to dress in trousers in the French capital since 1799, and the strange regulation went on for 214 years, seeing through amendments on two occasions after the French Revolution, to allow women to wear pants when engaging in sports such as horseback and bicycle riding. Over time, the law became increasingly less commonly enforced until it more or less died out, though technically it still existed. But the ban has been lifted (at last!), and ladies are now – legally speaking – allowed to wear trousers in France!

  • Do not name a pig after a famous military leader

If you thought forbidding women from wearing pants was strange, the French have yet another unusual law, this time regarding the naming of livestock. Pigs, in particular. Naming a pig after French military leader Napoleon is apparently a crime in France. We’re not French law experts so we don’t know if this law is still being enforced, but just to play safe, if you ever get a chance to name a pig while on a vacation in France (!), it’s perhaps best to avoid “Napoleon”.

  • Say no to merry-go-round rides (on Sunday)!

Merry-go-rounds are a classic attraction at leisure parks, popular among the young and the young-at-heart. We can’t imagine that anyone would think something as innocent as riding a carousel could be an illegal act, but the authorities in Idaho, America, seem to think otherwise. In Idaho, riding a merry-go-round is forbidden, but only on Sundays!

  • Snow is not for fun

In more fun-spoiling American news, it’s against the law to have snowball fights in Missouri! While this unusual law might be effective in preventing accidents or damages to property, it also effectively takes out the fun for most kids and perhaps a few adults. Oh well, guess they’ll just have to make do with building a snowman.

  • To sing or not to sing, that is the question

The people of North Carolina in America must be really good singers, as it seems that singing out of tune is technically illegal in their state. Yeah, listening to tone-deaf people singing their hearts out might be a little heart (and ear) wrenching, but to a karaoke fanatic or a rock star wannabe, that’s perhaps the most miserable law ever made. Besides, laughing at the less than pitch-perfect guy singing in the next room is mostly harmless fun.

  • Chewing gum is strictly for medical purposes

In Singapore, that is. The country banned the importing of chewing gum in 1992, due to littering and vandalism issues caused by people who stuck their used chewing gum in elevators, mailboxes, and even on public transport. It was only in 2003 that the law was amended to allow the import and sale of gum with health benefits, such as tooth enamel-strengthening sugar-free gum, which must be prescribed by a dentist or pharmacist. So, this may sound silly, but, don’t bring gum on your trip to Singapore, or risk getting fined in the “fine city”.

Are there any strange laws where you come from? Feel free to share them in the comments section below!

Source: Niconico News
Reference: The Daily Beast, Wikipedia
Top image: A Road to English