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A bank teller in Shanghai kept a cool head when a would-be robber threatened her with a huge meat cleaver. Without showing even a hint of fear, the bank teller can be seen laughing and pointing at the man, as his bungled robbery ends in him being taken away by security guards.

The incident occurred at a Shanghai branch of China Construction Bank and was recorded by the bank’s surveillance cameras. The young man approached the counter and brandished the weapon at a female customer, who reacted with wide-eyed shock and quickly moved away.

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It’s the bank teller’s reaction, however, that has made the video something of an internet sensation. In the video we can clearly see her turning around, pointing to the man on the other side of the glass and laughing out loud!

Call that a knife?!


Two of the bank’s security guards quickly moved in and wrestled the man to the floor. The would-be robber remained relaxed and nonchalant throughout the incident, continuing to talk on his cellphone.

While many of us laugh nervously in reaction to shock, this bank teller’s huge grin and incredulous expression – as if to say, “he thinks he’s gonna ROB THIS BANK?!!” – have made the video a hit online. On LiveLeak it quickly stacked up over 200,000 views.

Watch the full video here:

GIF via Kotaku US