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Don’t even bother getting up on stage; this kid has just stolen the show.

Three-year-old Zhang Junhao blew audiences away recently with a genuinely impressive performance at a Chinese talent show. After handing the judges the remote control to flick between audio tracks at will, the pint-sized performer showed his skill on the stage, wowing the judges with an array of cute dances before revealing that his dream is to “make people happy.”

The little boy, from China’s Shandong province, waddled onto the stage pulling a large, gem-covered speaker behind him on a trolley. Standing under the spotlights, he introduced himself with confidence before asking the judges for their help to start the music and climbing off the stage to hand them the remote, being showered with hugs and kisses as he did.

After busting many a move, Junhao ended his routine with a little martial arts display, throwing punches that, together with his shaven head, made him look like a junior Shaolin monk in training.

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Sure, the miniature mover’s insistence on calling his portable speaker his “baby” and some of the lines he comes out with do seem a little too well orchestrated to be anything more than the result of some coaching designed to impress the judges, but even so, once he breaks into his dances it’s hard to deny that this kid’s utterly adorable.

Source: YouTube via RocketNews24 Japan