You would have to be really confident in your products to name them like that.

Uniqlo’s unwavering commitment to quality, style and low cost has made it one of the most famous fashion brands in the world. Funky collaborations with Pokémon aside, the label is all about comfort at really affordable prices.

So when Japanese-language reporter Go received a package he ordered a few days prior, he ripped the parcel open in eager anticipation and stared at what appeared to be Uniqlo’s range of “impressive” wear. The pieces of clothing, however, looked rather ordinary at first glance.

▼ The “Impressive Jacket” came in at 5,990 yen (US$55)…

▼ …and the “Impressive Pants” at 3,990 yen. In this case, “pants” refers to “trousers”, not underwear.

▼ “Doesn’t look all that great to me,” Go muttered under his breath,
totally judging clothes by their cover.

▼ The fabric felt great on his fingers though.

Made of 100 percent ultra-light polyester perfect for spring or summer, Go found the fabric to be surprisingly elastic and rather comfy, but the best way to feel it was to wear it…

▼ …with absolutely nothing underneath.

A doubtful Go began testing the Impressive Jacket and Impressive Pants by simulating what he would normally do when wearing suits.

▼ Such as pulling off his favorite moves at the local nightclub…

▼ …and striking superhero poses while waiting for trains.

“Not bad, not bad at all,” he admitted begrudgingly. You can never be too careful with false advertisements nowadays, and our fashion-conscious reporter had yet to see what precisely made the jacket and pants worthy of names like that.

▼ He looked rather dapper with a formal shirt. And newspaper under those shoes because this is Japan and he’s not a heathen.

▼ No matter how much Go tried to mess up,
it somehow still looked pretty good on him.

▼ Despite himself, Go realized he couldn’t wait to show off his smart-casual setup.

With the flexibility of going formal, casual and everything in between, the jacket-and-pants set was certainly good, but not at impressive levels yet. Now to evaluate its resilience and elasticity.

▼ Go started with regular stretches…

▼ …then escalated into random dancing.

▼ He got distracted at some point and began playing with a skip ball…

▼ …and practiced whirling a nunchaku for self-defence.

The fabric was extremely easy to move in and comfortable to boot; it could easily pass off as pajamas. But for all of his rigorous movements and effort to crumple up the jacket…

▼ …it actually looked less wrinkled than when he received it!

▼ It was time for a wash, so Go simply dumped both items
into the washing machine like he would any other normal item of clothing.

▼ Then carelessly left them out in the sun.

▼ Go checked on his laundry an hour later,
only to find that even the pockets had dried completely!

The clear weather might have something to do with it, but our startled reporter had never had jackets dried to this degree within one hour. Now that was truly impressive! Bringing them into the shade, he examined the pieces closely.

▼ And realized he could wear them out as-is.

Well, perhaps a bit of ironing would make the clothes a little more presentable, but given its quick-dry and ultra-light fabric, the “impressive” line of clothing is really great value for money and an exceptional choice for spring fashion. Whether you opt for a smart-casual look or a street style with cool Super Mario or Splatoon T-shirts, these jackets and pants are fantastic additions to any wardrobe.

Source: Uniqlo
Images: ©SoraNews24

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