Is there anything creepier than finding an inexplicable, crazy-looking doll on the street? No, probably not.

Porcelain dolls especially have that sort of old-timey, “back when science couldn’t explain things” vibe that makes them even creepier than, say, a Cabbage Patch Kid you found in your now-adult sister’s closet. So it’s not surprising that when somebody found this one sitting at the base of a tree in Singapore, the Internet took notice.


Nobody seems to really know why the doll is there, except for the cryptic and excessively terrifying note left by someone who posted the original photo on Imgur: “We bind it for a reason. Stupid people unbind it. It looks unhappy…”

Now, supposedly, according to the (admittedly questionable) testimony of one Redditor, the doll is rumored to be possessed and has been passed from owner to owner because it reportedly has a habit of talking to itself in the middle of the night and moving its head around of its own accord. It also may or may not have been responsible for a guy’s suicide not too long ago.


Of course, with Reddit being the front page of the Internet and all, it tends to amass quite a few inexplicable photos like this horse just chilling on someone’s balcony. To you and me, this doll may seem extraordinarily creeptastic, but to the person who put it there, there may be a perfectly logical, worldly explanation.


Wherever this doll came from, and even if it didn’t murder anyone recently, we recommend leaving it well enough alone all the same. Even if it doesn’t wake you up in the night with its evil laughter, it’s probably carrying all manner of bugs and grossness…

Source: Reddit
Photos: Imgur