Freakish Twitter video shows phone walking on its own, no human attached

“Don’t walk with your phone! …Oh, your phone is…Walking anyway…Um…Carry on.”
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Japanese mother receives innocent baby toy as gift, turns out to be a bouncing head from hell

This is one toy you should stay clear of.

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Japanese netizens entranced by creepy musical instrument that produces nightmarish sounds

This thing might be the biggest reason why horror movies are so scary.

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Twitter user plays God with unholy cat and Roomba fusion

Some Twitter users just want to watch the world burn. Others want their personal vacuum cleaner to have an unnerving cat’s head atop it at all times.
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A Finger-lickin’ Phantom? Terrifying statue haunts Japanese Twitter user biking home

A Japanese user shared a terrifying tale of a ghostly gentleman who appeared to accost him – and according to the Internet, he’s a repeat offender.

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Man arrested for living in elderly woman’s home unnoticed for half a year

Unidentified suspect is a modern-day ninja, using his powers for creepiness.

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Creepy Japanese construction site display celebrates Children’s Day, gives passers-by goose bumps

Mannequins celebrating various yearly events have Japanese Twitter freaking out.

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Police on the lookout for man offering young boys money for sneezes

Suspect is said to provide tissues as well.

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Morbidly brilliant “Death Cafe” in Thailand makes customers ponder about their mortality

Discounts are available for the brave who dare lie in a coffin for three minutes.

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Creepy ghost train caught on security footage in Chinese train station gives us all chills【Video】

The only thing that could be more freaky is seeing ghost people getting on and off of it.

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Large amounts of snow reported for… What the hell is that?!

Twitter user finds way to make winter more enjoyable… or possibly less enjoyable depending on who you are.

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Sleeping pug or monster bug? Japanese Internet goes wild over artist’s depiction of a pug’s back

Who knew a pug lying down would spawn such a creepy-cute creature?

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Japanese netizen dons perfectly-sized box, becomes four-legged cardboard nightmare

Never before has a more terrifying six-sided creature been sighted.

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Thomas the Tank Engine toy trolls Twitterer, terrorizes vacuum

As if Thomas wasn’t already creepy enough…
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Hole-y crap! Instagram makeup artist Mimi Choi transforms her face into surreal works of art 【Pics】

From black hole faces to sushi hands, you can’t make up this stuff… unless you’re her.

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This old Pokémon shirt is pretty terrifying

This is supposed to be a light-hearted series for kids, right?

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Indonesian street mascots are nothing like we’ve seen in Japan, may also lick you 【Video】

Living in a land full of mascots, I thought I’d seen it all….

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Scary security? Japanese Twitter users share their creepiest CAPTCHA experiences

Forget proving you’re not a robot, these CAPTCHAs need to prove they’re not ghosts!

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W.T.F. Japan: Top 15 most disturbing Japanese prefecture mascots【Weird Top FIFTEEN】

Because “top five” isn’t nearly enough to show off all these terrifying creations.

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The fate of jack-o-lanterns in Japan: to be adorably devoured by a writhing mass of bunnies

The ultimate in creepy-cute.

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