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With the popularity of Saint Young Men, a story about Buddha and Jesus living together in Japan, readers have had the chance to imagine how a god would react to everyday life. Do they live up to their holy ideals? Or are they a little more human? Some avid readers have gone beyond those basics to imagining themselves dating one of these divine deities!

And why limit yourself to the Jesus or Buddha of Saint Young Men, when there is a directory full of other Buddhas to pursue?! We took to the streets of Nara and Kamakura, famous hot spots for Buddhist temples, and polled women on which Buddha they would want to date! 

We polled women in their 20s and 30s to see which Buddha they would like to see knocking on their front door. Here are their top 5 answers!

#5 Samantabhadra (lit. the “Universal Worthy”)

Bachelor number five is the Buddha associated with practice and meditation. Best known for being the patron of the Lotus Sūtra, the wise Samantabhadra would make for a very steady and compassionate boyfriend. All that plus he has some pretty baller white elephants.

Bhudda 1Nichirenshu

Comments from women polled included:

“He’s extremely nice and has a deeply compassionate image. He’s not too cool or too simple but he is definitely a smart dresser.”

“I want to ride with him on his white elephants. However, if we had any marital disputes or my mouth ran afoul, I would probably go straight to hell.”

#4 Trailokyavijaya Vidya-raja, conqueror of the three worlds

Our exciting bachelor number four is one of the five great wisdom kings. Lauded as the conqueror of the three poisons: greed, anger and foolishness, his steadiness in life will guide you through any and all ups and downs!


Comments from women polled:

“If I’m about to make a big life mistake, he will be there immediately to help me out. He’s a really reliable type of guy.”

“Even though he has really manly features, he’s not afraid to show off some flair and accessorize smartly with the beautiful vajra bell.”

#3 Bhaisajyaguru, Medicine master & King of Labis Lazuli Light

Ladies! If you are worried about your future health, then don’t overlook our bachelor number three! The Buddha of healing and medicine, he is regularly described as a doctor who cures suffering using the medicine of his teachings. Paging Dr. McDreamy!


Comments from women polled:

“When I’m sick, he can nurse me back to health. I think it’s a real plus that his clothes are also so simple and refreshing.”

“He really stands out, even when he’s among his twelve generals, his charisma really brings everyone’s attention to him. Plus he can cure me of my illnesses. Doctors are maybe the most reliable people to date.”

#2 Skanda, Guardian of Buddhist monasteries

When the going gets tough, you want someone who is going to stand up for you in the thick of it. Enter bachelor number two! Skanda is the last line of defense for the Buddhist teachings themselves! Never one to shy away from the spotlight, he also leads the 24 celestial guardian deities mentioned in the Golden Light Sutra.

Bhudda 6Wikipedia

Comments from women polled:

“It’s really cool how fast and agile he is. I really like how he can play sports!”

“Not only is he really fast, but he also has the power to exterminate demons. With his help, I think I could find my ‘Girl Power’.”

#1  Ksitigarbha, Earth Treasury

Looks like the practical side of the women polled won out as the cool jock, Skanda, took number two, while the bhodhisattva of hell beings, guardian of children, and patron deity of deceased children and aborted fetuses comes in at #1! Every parent wants to see their child grow up to become a difference maker in the world, and Ksitigarbha will definitely keep them on the right path. Congratulations to Ksitigarbha, the most datable Buddha!


Comments from women polled:

“Even though he looks cute, he’s really great because he has various powers/benefits. He’s the type that when you’re together, he can really heal you and make you a better person.”

“He has so many great qualities: easy childbirth, health, longevity, wisdom, and blessings for a plentiful harvest, just to name a few. If you went out with him, he would never ever leave you or be far away, which is really comforting in a partner!”

There you have it, the poll you never knew you wanted! Who would like to take a stab at dateable Shinto Goddesses next?

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Top image: Bubblews
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