This is probably not what people mean when they talk about “coming home to Jesus,” but we don’t care.

This new Saint Young Men preview is really good — and really real!

Who Are the Saint Young Men?

Hikaru Nakamura’s Saint Young Men manga is the ultimate “odd couple” story, depicting Jesus and Buddha as roommates. Yes, that Jesus and Buddha. …With everything that entails.

The two decide to take up residence in a six-tatami apartment in modern Japan, and live out a fairly normal slice-of-life story. Well, except for the fact that they occasionally do miracles in public.

And Jesus occasionally gets mistaken for Johnny Depp.

The manga became a short gag anime, and is in the process of becoming a live-action series on Kakao’s streaming service, Picoma TV. If you’re curious about the “real” (sort of) Jesus and Buddha, you have the opportunity to look in on their daily life a bit early.

Virtual Reality

The first “trailer” for the live-action Saint Young Men is less a trailer and more a moment in the lives of the two religious figures. Actors Kenichi Matsuyama (as Jesus) and Shota Sometani (as Buddha) ad-libbed a scene on the set in which the two attempt to get rid of a cockroach. Non-violently, of course.

The best part is, the video is shot in 360, so you can move around the small apartment and follow their actions!

Click and drag if you’re on a computer,
or just move around if you’re on a smart device:

The scene really does seem to embody the simple slice-of-life charm of the original, so we’re looking forward to the full series this fall!

Saint Young Men will stream on Picoma TV this October.

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Source, images: YouTube/morningmanga