Haunted by demanding ghosts but can’t afford to look like a dweeb? These tights are just what you need!

If you’re looking for the sexiest ghost-busting tights to keep your legs warm and free of possession this winter, MAM AVANTGARDE has exactly what you need: Miminashi Houichi tights! These tights, pictured below, have the Heart Sutra written all over them along with Hannya masks on the shins.

If you’re wondering why the Heart Sutra was chosen, it might help to know a little bit about the story of Miminashi Houichi!


Houichi was a biwa hoshi, an itinerant performer who played the biwa, a Japanese instrument often compared to lutes, and was famed for his skills and performance of The Tale of the Heike, an epic account about two warrior clans fighting for control of Japan in the 12th century. But despite his considerable abilities, he was quite poor and found himself living in a Buddhist temple.

One night, a samurai appeared and demanded that Houichi come and perform for his lord. The performer went along and performed that night and the next night as well, keeping his nocturnal trips a secret, as instructed. However, a priest who was a friend of Houichi noticed that the performer was acting strange and sent men to follow Houichi on the following evening, whereupon they discovered that the biwa hoshi was performing in a graveyard! Realizing that Houichi was being deceived by the ghosts of the Heike (the losing side in the Tale of the Heike), the priest was determined to protect his friend and set about writing the Heart Sutra all over Houichi’s body.


When the ghost samurai came again for Houichi, the specter was at first unable to see the performer, despite his biwa sitting in the room. However, the priest had forgotten to write the sutra on Houichi’s ears, leaving them vulnerable, and the ghost finally spotted them. Determined not to fail his superiors, the samurai apparition ripped Houichi’s ears off, as proof that they were all that could be found of the biwa hoshi, and left.

Despite losing his ears, Houichi survived and is said to have gone one to be a famous musician.

▼ Therefore, tights!


As you may have guessed, the “Miminashi” part of Miminashi Houichi means “earless,” which is kind of a mean way to refer to someone, but it does make for a good story title! So, if you’re worried about ghosts trying to steal your legs, these tights are just the thing to protect you from their grabby paws! No word yet on if MAM AVANTGARDE will be making a full body suit though.

The tights will retail for 2,592 yen (about US$22) and can be pre-ordered/ordered on their website. Shipping will start on January 15, and they are accepting orders from overseas, in case your demons have tracked you across the ocean. And if you’re buying one pair of tights, you might as well buy some more to go with them! MAM AVANTGARDE has a few more items to match your Miminashi Houichi leggings.

Gashadokuro, yokai made of the bones of people who starved to death



Thousand-armed Buddha of Mercy



▼ Hoou, the mythical firebird (often mistaken for a phoenix)



We really hope these tights set off a trend, because they are fabulous! The only way to improve them would be to get Mr. Sato to model for the company.

And if the only ghost you’re fending off is loneliness, Drinky is all you’ll need!

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