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Have you ever been slapped in the face? If you have a sibling it’s likely to have occurred, or if you’ve wronged someone in just the right way, you’ve likely seen the fingers a flyin’. That hand is all up in your face, and whether you know it’s coming or it’s totally unexpected, it’s surprisingly pretty painful. You can imagine our astonishment when a segment of the Korean drama Everybody, Kimchi! took slapping to a whole new orangey, messy level!

Everybody, Kimchi! is a morning drama that began airing April 7, 2014 and will run for 120 episodes. Admittedly, we haven’t seen any of the episodes and can only tell you that the story must be about kimchi in some way, but we find ourselves with this amazing episode that has to be shared.

For those who want to skip ahead to the good stuff…

▼Swing and a belt…that’s a home run folks!

Kimchi slap

The character is attacked with a no-holds-barred, kimchi slap! Take that, you pretty boy! This (hopefully) new trend makes a mess of not only his pristine white shirt, but the surroundings of the apartment as well. And, it’s not just the humiliation of being slapped by kimchi, for anyone who’s eaten kimchi before knows, it is definitely spicy!

▼I’m going to cry some hot and spicy tears now.

Hot and spicy tears

Our kimchi-covered friend seems to keep it together, long enough for all the other characters to leave his private office. But after taking a face full of kimchi and an earful of yelling, he does what any man who has been hit with kimchi would do.

Kimchi throw

Kimchi slap! 

Source: YouTube h/t Kotaku US
Screenshots: YouTube