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A woman in China’s Zhejiang Province has been arrested after she entered an ATM vestibule and splashed urine over the machines following the bank’s refusal to process her money transfer, Chinese media has reported.

Caught on camera during the wee hours (no pun intended), the woman, who is has been named as Ms. Wen, first appeared in the bank at 4:20 a.m. Nine minutes later, she returned and is seen opening the doors to each of the ATMs and splashing them with liquid, which was later revealed to be urine.

Apparently pissed off (pun very much intended) after her bank refused to process a money transfer, Wen armed herself with a container full of urine and decided to get her own back. The bank, however, immediately contacted the police and she was arrested that same night.

While Wen’s actions are indeed rash, we can’t help feeling a little sorry for her since it later transpired that the reason her bank refused to process her payment was because she, being illiterate, had a third-party complete the necessary forms for her. In the bank’s defence, however, processing forms written by anyone other than the account holder would be a grave error and leave them liable to prosecution, so perhaps Wen could have tried to find a more amicable, slightly less smelly, way to resolve the situation?

Video/screenshots: YouTube – China lian via Zaeega