Hyogo man arrested for creating biohazard zone with “own” pee

Suspect was 42 years old. His pee was at least five.

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Obsessed stalker tries to mark object of his affection by mixing body fluids into her lotion

As far as nightmare scenarios go, this is probably number one.

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SoraNews24 quiz: How men deal with unexpected urine leaks determines their personality

Will you wipe up the mess or let sleeping snakes lie?

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28 realities of being a 30-year-old Japanese man who constantly pees himself

Oh the realities of getting older. One minute you’re feeling fine, the next you’re shopping for adult diapers. It’s a fact of life that transcends language, culture, and bladders all over the world.

Yoshio, one of our RocketNews24 Japanese-side writers, has recently joined the ranks of the incontinently impaired himself. To celebrate his newfound misery, he composed a 28-part list describing a typical day in his new, significantly wetter life.

Take a read and commiserate along with him, or see what you have to look forward to when parts of your own body start turning against you.

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Over half of Japanese adults do this in the shower – How about you?

You know how sometimes you get into the shower and the gentle sound of running water suddenly makes you feel like your bladder is about to burst? What do you do?

Turning off the water, drying off and walking over to the toilet sometimes seems like too much trouble, especially with all that free-flowing water around, so do you hold it or just let loose? According to a recent survey, one in two Japanese adults don’t see the point of moving.

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Women armed with pee-filled spray gun exacts revenge on bank

A woman in China’s Zhejiang Province has been arrested after she entered an ATM vestibule and splashed urine over the machines following the bank’s refusal to process her money transfer, Chinese media has reported.

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Gross! Kindergarten teacher pees in his female colleagues’ tea

Ever felt like you’re not getting the respect you deserve at your workplace? Personally, I’ve been lucky and never had to bear the brunt of any serious sort of disrespect at work, though I did encounter a co-worker who was always too eager to speak; he kept interrupting before I could finish saying something. One evening while working overtime, he did it again and I snapped… that guy left the company one week later. I’m pretty sure he didn’t quit because I snapped at him, though I did feel slightly guilty for losing my cool.

Some people have it harder though. A male teacher in Jiangsu Province, China, felt that he wasn’t getting enough respect from his colleagues and decided to vent his anger by urinating in his colleagues’ mugs and tumblers. Eew!

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Fukuoka man ordered to pay over one million yen for peeing in elevator…every day for half a year

On 16 December, Judge Ryosuke Takahashi of the Fukuoka District Court ruled in favor of Japan Rail Kyushu and ordered a Higashi Ward resident to pay 1.3 million yen (US$13,000) to compensate for damages brought about his near daily urination routine over the course of six months.

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Fast and easy toilet break health check that might save your life

This is totally random, but if anyone ever told you that their pee is purple, they’re outright liars. According to the medical experts at the Cleveland Clinic, it’s possible to have reddish, brownish or even green pee (though neither of these are healthy pee colors), but nope, definitely not purple.

Also, did we mention that the hue of your piddle actually gives you a hint on your current health condition? Here’s a super easy health check that will cost you no money, and barely any time. So go ahead and empty your bladder, then check against the color guide after the jump!

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Osaka Politician Busts Man Peeing Against His Campaign Poster, Tweets the Outcome

I’m sure we all have politicians whom we’re not especially fond of, and, while most of us would never go as far as taking a leak against one of their campaign posters, the thought of making our feelings known through… unusual… means might have occurred to us on more than one occasion. My own dear uncle, for instance, was once temporarily barred from entering the US after writing a particularly heartfelt letter to former president George W. Bush during his tenure. But that’s another story…

On Sunday this week, a 40-year-old man in Osaka decided that his strong dislike of politician Kei Yamamoto needed to be expressed physically, and, spotting the politician’s face on a poster down a quiet countryside road, decided to let rip with a golden shower of contempt.

Unfortunately for him, who should be cruising by at that exact moment but the politician himself…

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Chinese Man’s Bladder Explodes after Drinking Game Turns Deadly

It’s a typical drinking challenge that many guys have gotten into at one point or another.  The first person to “break the seal,” or use the bathroom first, is the sucker who picks up the check.

Good times are had watching guys squirm it out and race to the urinal before wetting themselves, and all the funnier if they don’t make it in time.

However, for one group of friends in China, their friendly wager turned tragic leading to the near death of one man.

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