Just in case you haven’t had a dose of creepy in a while, we bring this to you to keep you sober and careful in the future.

Being an adult female and an avid reader of news, I’ve come to realize over the years that there are a lot of creepy people in this world of ours. Within the past two years in Japan alone, for example, two stories that made headlines involved a man who was arrested for throwing cups of urine on women and another for kidnapping a girl to raise as his “ideal wife.” And now, another similarly creepy case has come to light, with four men being arrested in Tokyo for activities that I would rank pretty high on the creepy scale.

▼ Shinkiba Park often has big crowds, so the bathrooms have long lines.


Forty-one-year-old Yuki Suzuki and his three companions were arrested when trespassing into a warehouse in the Shinkiba area of the Koto Ward, it was announced this week. The men are accused of taking pictures and videos of women, caught short and unable to hold it in any more, urinating in the warehouse. In one case, a young adult woman was waiting in line at a barbecue spot’s restroom, but, unable to resist the urge to pee any longer, left the line and snuck off to a concealed location to do her business. She soon found herself surrounded by the four accused men, all taking pictures of her urinating.

▼ The last thing I would want while urinating is a bunch of men taking photos of me.


Upon their arrest, police found a variety of cameras and equipment allegedly used by the men while enjoying their “hobby.” All four of the men are believed to have a urine fetish and have been committing these invasive acts for at least seven years. They are also believed to have met frequently to exchange and view their accumulated image data.


Source: Hachimakikou
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