Kids’ plaything and adult services don’t mix well.

Shin Sudo is a man with expensive tastes. He likes to dress in fancy clothes, stay in swanky hotels, and frequently employ the services of a hekken fuzoku worker.

Hakken fuzoku, or “dispatch sexual services,” is a sector of Japan’s adult services industry in which the provider goes to the home or hotel room of a client to perform erotic massage, body washing, or other services of a sexual nature. However, with love, just as with anything else, if you’re renting it frequently enough it eventually makes more sense to just buy it, which is what Sudo tried to do in on March 24, according to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

On that day, Sudo was staying in a hotel in Tokyo’s Shinjuku district, and had contracted the services of a hakken fuzoku worker of whom he was a repeat customer. At some point during their time together, Sudo told her

“You must be in a tight spot from getting less work because of the coronavirus. How about becoming my lover in exchange for this?”

He then handed her a check for eight million yen (US$74,800).

It’s worth noting that while rumors abound that full-on sex is often an unspoken and technically uncompensated part of hakken fuzoku agreements, intercourse is officially off-limits, as directly paying for sex is illegal under Japanese law. Nevertheless, the woman took Sudo’s check, and approximately one month later went to the bank to cash it.

Now if you’ve done much shopping in Japan, something probably sticks out here (and no, we’re not talking about Sudo’s dong). In Japan, the use of personal checks is very unusual, and it’s an especially weird move to use one when paying for something illegal. Sure enough, when the woman took the check to the bank, the teller noticed it was a fake, and not even a particularly high-quality one. It turns out Sudo had bought a fake blank check at a toy store, then dressed it up with some rubber stamps to make it look more official before giving it to the woman.

Needless to say, the hakken fuzoku worker didn’t become eight million yen richer, and Sudo was arrested on June 17 on counterfeiting charges (presumably avoiding charges of solicitation on the grounds that he meant “lover” as merely an expression of emotional devotion that we wanted to lavishly compensate the woman for). The investigation has also uncovered that while he’s apparently had enough income to pay his hotel bills and hakken fuzoku tabs, Sudo is currently unemployed (though that could just indicate that he earns his money through unofficial/illegal means).

The topper is that this is Sudo’s second arrest in as man months for the same crime, as he gave a different hakken fuzoku worker a fake check as part of the same offer and was arrested for that instance last month. Apparently his plan has been to enjoy his “lovers’” company for free until they try to cash their check, then burn the bridge and move on to a new target while hoping the last doesn’t make a fuss, but considering his frequent failure rate, hakken fuzoku workers don’t seem to be as gullible or docile as he’d hoped.

Source: Asahi Shimbun Digital via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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