When a 4-year-old tells you his favorite hobby is riding dinosaurs with laser guns on their backs, you’d probably tend to laugh it off as the whimsical musings of a person whose brain hasn’t fully developed yet. But apparently one Japanese researcher thought taking the nonsensical ramblings of very young children seriously was an important research project lending insight into the pre-conception brains of recently born people.

“Doctor” Akira Ikegawa – who is crazy and is possibly also hoping to defraud at least a few people – says his research in prenatal care has revealed that babies sit up in clouds looking down on the world picking and choosing which mother they prefer to be born to before spiriting themselves into those mothers’ wombs to be carried to term.


Ikegawa says that around 30 percent of babies that he’s spoken to have what he calls “Womb Memories” – that is, some kind of recollection of what the kids experienced in the womb, which would be an astonishing revelation if it weren’t for the fact that kids are chronic liars that will tell you they’ve seen the kinds of things only adults who have done hard hallucinogenic drugs have seen.

Seriously. A kid told me once that Raptor Jesus gave him a golden chalice filled with Poké Balls but that doesn’t necessarily mean I believed him.

If you’re in the mood for hearing something even crazier than the things a baby will tell you, here’s Ikegawa’s exact quote:

“Before babies are born, they sit on top of clouds and watch mothers with their friends and they all decide which mother they want to be born to. They pick the nice looking ones… Some babies say they’ve met their siblings and angels in the clouds.”

We presume Ikegawa then used his finger to flap his lips while running in circles and using his free hand to smear peanut butter on his nipples.

Source: Post Seven