Sudden Attack

Never willing to be outdone by their island-dwelling neighbours, South Korea upped the ante in the weird olympics recently with a series of ads for free-to-play first-person shooter Sudden Attack. Enlisting the services of popular K-pop group Girl’s Day, the commercials show nary a snippet of footage from the actual game itself, instead focusing on the kind of situations most online gamers will know all too well.

Much like Japan, Korean advertisers know that celebrity endorsement is a surefire way to make big bucks. Sudden Attack developer Nexon doubled down on the celebrity angle recently by choosing none other than K-pop sensation Girl’s Day to raise the profile of their online game.

We can’t imagine why.

The ads themselves are a little unusual, however. Rather than showing off the best of what Sudden Attack has to offer, the first ad shows one member of the Girl’s Day crew respawning over and over, cackling manically as she runs straight for the enemy only to be gunned down every single time, her teammates looking on in bewilderment.

If this is the first time you’ve ever witnessed someone playing like this online, it’s probably because you’re that person…

The second ad, meanwhile, features a moment of terror that many online gamers will know all too well: when a teammate’s avatar suddenly stops moving because the player disappeared to go to the bathroom, let the dog out, or in this case stuff their face with cup noodles.

If we’re being totally honest, as entertaining as they are, these ads haven’t done much to pique our interest in playing Sudden Attack over any other online game. If you happen to have any instant noodles, though, we know a hungry team of writers who’d be more than interested in sharing.

Source/feature image: YouTube 1, 2, via Siliconera