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With many different unwritten rules and an emphasis on customer service, it can sometimes be difficult for foreigners to assimilate into Japanese work culture. Steve over at YouTube channel Steve’s POV スティーブ的視点 put together a video that showcases just how different Japanese and American workers can be. But is it accurate to depict the Japanese salaryman as hardworking, diligent and impossibly polite and the American salesman as comparatively rude, rushed, and sloppy? Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.

The video starts out with a diligent Japanese salaryman typing away on his calculator at a very tidy desk.

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He then gets a phone call and very politely answers all of the buyer’s questions, repeatedly thanking or apologizing to the customer based on his ability to fulfill their requests.

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Next up is Steve’s portrayal of an American salesman. He starts off his day exclaiming, “Gawd, Mondays just suck.” There is also a significant difference in the way he keeps up his desk:

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The American salesman is also comparatively rude towards his customer, acting as if he doesn’t have time and telling his customer to “hurry up, get the rest of the order.”

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Is this an accurate portrayal of Japanese salarymen and American salesmen? Take a look at the entire video and let us know!

Source: Grape