Does this mean there could be an Otamatone section next to the violins in the orchestra soon?

Let me be honest with you: Otamatones are a little weird. Or perhaps unusual would be a better word to use. They are music note-shaped instruments that were created by a toy company and are said to sound similar to a theremin.

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Perhaps the best way to understand what an Otamatone is, though, is to listen to what someone who has the time, talent, and ability can do with one.

Twitter user Hiyama recently uploaded a video onto his Twitter feed of an arrangement he made of the Chrono Cross opening for the violin and the Otamatone. It’s already been re-tweeted almost 10,000 times and has over 8,000 likes.

There is something eerie about the Otamatone’s wail; it’s almost as if the human voice has been turned into a violin. Still, the violin being played beside it magnifies just how different the two instruments are.

Check out this video from Video Games Orchestra to see how Hiyama’s arrangement of the Chrono Cross opening stacks up:

So the Otamatone isn’t the only instrument up Hiyama has up his sleeve. According to his website, he also plays the electric keyboard and a little bit of guitar. A self-described salaryman who loves donburi, noodles, and curry, Hiyama is also clearly a man who has some amazing musical chops. If you liked this Chrono Cross arrangement, I promise you that the tracks on his SoundCloud page are definitely worth checking out. I’ve definitely become a huge fan.

And if you’d like to know more about the Otamatone, this introductory video is shows its various features. But we’ve set it to start around 2:45, where the rocking really begins!

What did you think of the Otamatone version of “The Scars of Time?” What song would you like to see Hiyama take on next? Let us know below!

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Featured Image: Twitter/hvmevln