On October 21, 1600, Tokugawa Ieyasu won the famous Battle of Sekigahara which secured his way to rule the shogunate of Japan.

Today, the battlefield where more than 200,000 people perished is but a remnant of ancient history. It is an ordinary town, and only the most maniacal of history buffs would show up to trace the roots of Sekigahara. However, in the center of that town, there is actually a ‘theme park’ where you can learn about history and the famous battle right where it took place, known as the somewhat awkwardly named “Learn! Play! The Immersive War Museum – Sekigahara War Land”.

The battle scene recreated

More then 200 statues of warriors are erected over a spacious area to recreate the atmosphere of the battle scene, each shown fighting with swords, bows and arrows. Even though the statues are far from life-like, the overwhelming reality of the fact that this is a real historical battle site will send chills down your spine. Special scenes such as Ootani Yoshitsugu’s seppuku suicide and the final victory of Ieyasu are also recreated. For anyone who loves history or wants to learn history in a fun away, this is definitely the place to be. At the very least, you can take a selfie with Tokugawa Ieyasu!

Don’t forget the gift shop!

In contrast to the quiet and nearly deserted Sekigahara War Land, the gift shop next door is extremely popular and draws in throngs of tourists, so you’re sure to find something there to remember your visit by. Next time you’re in town, why not stop by Sekigahara War Land and spend a day living a part of Japanese history while being surrounded by nature at this hidden gem?

Sekigahara War Land
Address: 1710-6 Ooaza Sekigahara, Sekigahara City, Fuwagun, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Entrance Fee: 500 yen for adults (US$4.60)

Report: Kuuron Kurosawa
Photos © RocketNews24

▼ All the statues are life-size


▼ There is also an indoor museum


▼ You can walk with the soldiers


▼ For some reason the famous daimyo Takeda Shingen also appears!


▼ Charge!!!


▼ Ootani Yoshitsugu commits suicide


▼ Victory shall be ours


▼ Real armor on display


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