Eating corn on the cob is a daunting task for some. Whether you have braces, wear dentures, or just don’t like getting dozens of tiny pieces of food stuck in your teeth, nibbling on those yellow kernels seemingly glued to a single core is not something you enjoy. However, if you’re this adorable golden retriever in Japan, then eating corn straight off the cob is one of your favorite things to do. And it’s not just corn that this doggy loves; she’s happy to chomp on a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including an entire head of cabbage, a slice of watermelon, and a raw cucumber.

Coco is an 11-year-old golden retriever who lives in Japan and loves to sample all kinds of food. She has nearly 100 videos on her YouTube channel gajyumaru234, many of which chronicle her adventures eating unusual snacks (for dogs). Our absolute favorite video shows her eating corn on the cob, typewriter-style, just like a human:

We can’t believe how well Coco eats that corn! She must have had a lot of practice.

And just because we know at this point you’re craving some more Coco, here are a few more videos of her eating unusual foods:

▼ Coco can’t get enough of this cabbage.

▼ And she enjoys eating watermelon in the summer, just like everyone in Japan.

▼ She can even chomp her way through a cucumber.

▼ And she’ll put up with her master’s games for a few blueberries.

Coco is actually a really smart dog (hey, she’s smart enough to choose healthy foods, right?). Here she is playing a guessing game with her loving owner and (sort of) choosing the correct cup:

And just because we know you can’t get enough of this vegetable-loving dog, here’s Coco as a little baby puppy trying to get up those steep stairs in her Japanese home:

You’re welcome.