An expert in entertainment recommended us an Osaka sightseeing spot little known even to locals

It even gave our reporter a profound experience!

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Kyoto sightseeing tour: exclusive temple tours, meditation lessons, and incense making

The most zen part of our self-guided Kyoto tour.

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Kyoto sightseeing tour: The most amazing old bathhouses in the city

Step back in time as we explore Kyoto’s hidden onsen culture. 

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Quaint robot ninja virtual sightseeing tours to be held in Kochi Prefecture

Probably the only time you’ll hear the phrase “quaint robot ninja.”

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Yokohama Air Cabin: A new futuristic ropeway in the middle of the city

We splash out on a pricey ticket for a ride that’s painfully short. 

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New Virtual Japan travel service has Japanese Internet in stitches over its terrible CG

The concept is great, but the execution? Not so much.

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Stylish new Experience Japan Pictograms are here to enhance your Japan travels and knowledge

Over 250 pictograms to support tourism in Japan from a visual design perspective are free to download to learn more about Japanese culture.

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No hanami party this year? Hit multiple sights with a guided cherry blossom taxi tour instead!

Let a certified guide take you on a tour of the best cherry blossom sights in Tokyo!

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No school trip? No problem! Japanese students to go on a virtual school trip in Minecraft instead

Junior high school students at one school are learning Japanese culture by recreating historical sites in the popular game.

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New program lets you telecommute from the foothills of Mt. Fuji and see the beauty of rural Japan

This program takes the whole remote working thing to a whole new level.

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Hankering for a vacation? Try these pseudo-vacations offered in Taiwan and Japan

Whether digital or just a taste of travel, these experiences might help sate a little bit of your wanderlust!

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Osaka’s iconic giant pufferfish may disappear due to COVID-19

The city’s once-bustling tourist areas may never look the same.

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Popular tourist spots in Kyoto look like a ghost town due to coronavirus

Everyone staying indoors means no one is going sightseeing. Read More

Japanese tourism companies to begin offering official anime pilgrimage tours next month

New collaborative efforts will promote anime tourism while cooperating with local communities. 

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Japanese man uses sightseeing drones to help tourists get a bird’s-eye view of the surroundings

Tourism organizations ought to take notes from him.

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The top 10 Castles in Japan to visit in 2019, as ranked by TripAdvisor users

It’s time to plan your sightseeing campaign across Japan! Read More

What it’s really like to join a Japanese festival and carry a mikoshi around Tokyo for a day

We join the festivities at Suga Shrine, made famous as one of the real-life locations from the hit anime film Your Name

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This Tokyo temple offers breakfast that’s beautiful, delicious, and includes message of salvation

Sushi isn’t the only thing worth eating in Tsukiji.

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What it’s like to rent a kimono and stroll around Sensoji temple in Asakusa for an afternoon

There are benefits to wearing a kimono while sightseeing in Tokyo, even if you’re travelling alone.

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Naked waterslide found in Toyama bathhouse, all-you-can-slide for $5

The freedom of naked watersliding may be fun in theory, but in practice…

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