For a dedicated entrepreneur, potential business ideas are everywhere. You just have to keep your eyes open–after all someone had to come with idea for zippers first. The problem, though, is telling the difference between a crazy-but-great business idea and a simply crazy idea. And sometimes it’s much easier to tell them apart, like this bizarre suggestion.

Twitter user @9bee_16 recently got garnered a bit of attention thanks to the tweet below, which we can only describe as being equal parts creepy and entrepreneurial.

“I think printers for fan fiction goods should make these. Don’t you just want to drink broth or whatever that your ‘mai waifu’ character has been bathing in??”

The tea bag pictured above is actually a souvenir from Hong Kong, but we see what @9bee_16 is saying–this would certainly be a great item for dedicated otaku. If you had a “mai waifu,” wouldn’t you enjoying seeing her relaxing in your tea?

Well, probably not, but we can still this selling well! Now, if you can just figure out how to get around the copyright issues and find a tea that everyone would want, there’s a bundle of dough to be made.

Japanese commenters, naturally, had a lot to say about the idea.

“I found this pretty arousing!”
“It would be a wonderful item overflowing with love.”
“It would be perfect if she were sitting with her arms draped over the edges of the cup.”
“If it were tea, it would be **** broth, and if it were lemonade, it would be **** broth!”
“I have no idea what would be so great about it…”
“Nope, that’s just gross.”
“It would be like the character was staring right at you.”

What? Who doesn’t like it when people stare at you while you’re eating? It’s almost as much fun as your boss catching you sleeping during work!

While we’re not really sure how practical this idea for a real business, we suppose there are a few companies out there who would license their characters for this sort of fan service. Or you could just make your own by drawing a bikini on Charlie Chaplin!

Sources: Twitter, Jin115
Images: Twitter