Last year, we introduced you to the Mannequin Guy, a 2m tall (6,6″) American dude living in Japan who took to the streets on Halloween 2013 to give passersby a scarily good laugh. Well, we’re happy to report that Mannequin Guy returned again this Halloween, and there’s even a video compilation of all the best bits of his routine!

But first, here’s our personal highlights of the video!

 ▼ A super-cute bunny attempts the “poke it with a stick and see if moves” method of investigation.

▼ A very excited dude invites Mannequin Guy to participate in an impromptu dance break!

▼ A security guard well and truly loses his cool, before trying to act like nothing happened.

▼ This guy doesn’t suspect a thing!

Okay, that’s enough teasing! Here’s the video, uploaded by the prankster himself!


Let’s hope Mannequin Guy returns to spook up Halloween again next year!

Source: YouTube (shapiro127)
Images: screenshots via YouTube