An internet star was born yet again recently, this time surfacing in the deep south of China. As the legend goes, a traveler one day stumbled upon a farmer dancing most unusually amongst the lush greenery of the countryside and whipped out his camera to capture the scene.

After hitting the internet in China, the mysterious dancer was quickly crowned “The King of Farmers”. His incredibly tight moves, which mimic the King of Pop’s repertoire almost perfectly, drew acclaim from around the country, and his fame has only continued to grow since with a YouTube video earning him respect from all corners of the world.

This video was posted on YouTube and gives some highlights of the original one that set Chinese viewers’ hearts a flutter.

The following, meanwhile, is a full version of the above video. Be warned that it’s from a Chinese video site and these players can sometime be less than cooperative depending on your browser or location.

The best way to describe seeing a man dressed down in the workiest of work clothes imaginable complete with straw hat suddenly break into a picture-perfect “Billie Jean” routine on a stone bridge amid the tall grass and conifers would be… surreal.

But the guy has skill no doubt about it. Here are what some comments had to say about the King of Farmers.

“Oh my god!”
“He’s a god.”
“MJ is not dead… He just moved! How awesome is this farmer!?”
“I’ve seen a lot of videos of people trying to dance like MJ, but this is truly great.”
“Woooooo!!! We love you Chinese farmer! Wish we knew his name!”

As it just so happens, according to his entries on China’s various video sites, the man’s name is Xiao Quiang and was born in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. It goes without saying that he’s an ardent fan of Michael Jackson and has practiced dancing like him for 14 years.

Here’s a few more demonstrations of what all that study and practice has yielded, along with a closer look at Mr. Xiao.

These videos are a shining example how much Jackson’s musical influence completely encompassed the entire globe. They also stand as a testament to what diligent practice and dedication can produce in people. So remember, next time you’re busy, why not moonwalk while you work like Xiao Quiang and take some of the edge off?

Source: Shanghaiist(English)、YouTube土豆網微信(Chinese)
Original article by Meg Sawai

Here are a few comparisons between Michael Jackson and Xiao Quiang to give a better feel of how good he is.

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