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The Internet has seen some very entertaining music videos in the past few years that some people would call just down-right crazy. Remember when PSY’s “Gangnam Style,” or Ylvis’s “What Does the Fox Say?” first came out? Everyone thought they were nuts, but they went on to become worldwide hits.

But now a new Chinese music video has clucked its way into the international spotlight and has the potential to become the Queen of Weird. After watching it, all we can say is, “…”

The music video by Wang Rong Rollin, entitled “Chick Chick,” hit YouTube on October 22 and has since accumulated almost six million views (although, I bet a lot of those were just the same people watching it over and over trying to comprehend what it was they were watching).

▼ Watch at your own risk. You have been warned.

It’s really hard to say whether this will become a worldwide phenomenon like the viral videos it seems to have taken at least a little inspiration from. While it has the animal noises and costumes reminiscent of “What Does the Fox Say?” and the new dance moves in line with “Gangnam Style,” I think it might seem a little desperate for attention and have too much going on in the video and not enough actual words in the song (the lyrics are mostly nonsensical chicken-like noises) to make it to the parody-inducing scale of its forerunners. It is however, pretty catchy, I must say.

The video starts out normally enough, but then just skyrockets into bizarro-world within seconds of the song starting. I really want to explain it to you, but I’m not sure my words can do it justice. So, I’ll just break it down with some highlights:

▼Animated chickens, sometimes wearing bikinis.

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▼Girls in hen outfits doing a weird dance.

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▼Relatively normal-looking girls making clucking noises.

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▼ Animal-mask and skimpy-shorts donning, six-pack flaunting men dancing to a rap-break (and a cock-a-doodle-dooing Cardinal??).

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▼ A chicken bride.

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In writing this article I have watched this video a few times (perhaps too many?), and after every viewing I am again left feeling that, “I literally don’t know how to react to this video,” as plenty of YouTube commentators also stated. While many YouTubers shared my confused sentiment, others were quite passionately for or against the video:

The positive:

“There are no words…For that AWESOME DISPLAY OF WEIRDNESS!”

“4 marvelous minutes that were worth every second! I think…”

“This is the first C-Pop, I’ve ever heard and I’m all in. That was great :D”

And the negative:

“Typically I don’t post stuff… but this broke my brain.”

“This would have to be the most pointless, distracting quagmire of an excuse for a music video I have ever seen!”

“Need to go find some tissues to stop my ears from bleeding.”

What do you think? Does it have the quality to outshine even Gangam Style in Internet stardom? Or do you think it will fizzle under, as no one can really comprehend what is going on? Tell us your thoughts, because I am genuinely excited to hear your reactions.

Source: Incredible Things
Video/Images: YouTube (Mainland China CPOP MV 2)