Models, a tiger-head backpack, and one confused Kim Jong-un impersonator–it’s not exactly a list of participants to inspire confidence when it comes to “fan-made” dance videos. Notice the lack of anyone with solid dancing skills here. While we’re sure that all of the folks that appear dancing in this video set to the Chinese hit “Memeda” by Lin Meixi and Xia Wenxi have their own unique talents, it is immediately obvious that moving in a rhythmic fashion in unison is not one of them…

The song “么么哒” (“Memeda”), which is apparently a new Chinese slang for “xoxo” or “hugs and kisses,” has become a hit in the Chinese-speaking world. As you might expect, there have been numerous fan-made videos set to the song, but one video starring a group of models has captured over 333,000 views since it appeared on Youku, a Chinese video site similar to YouTube, on October 22.


While we’re sure that there are plenty of folks who have watched the video simply because they like the song, we doubt anyone has actually watched the whole thing due to the expert dancing on display. Look, dancing is not easy–we completely understand and appreciate that, but it does mean that if you’re going to produce a dance video, you should at least try to practice it a few times. We find it hard to believe that this group even knew what song they were going to be dancing to until they met up in the park.


In addition to awkward, off tempo shuffling, the video also features the inexplicable guest appearance of tiger-head-backpack-wearing guy who is either really short or 10 years old. Either way, he manages to make their awkward shuffling seems almost graceful as he rushes around the models pretending to blow them kisses after doing what we think was a lasso dance.


But then, just when you think the video will be a complete waste, Kim Jong-un (or at least an incredibly bored impersonator) appears and somehow makes everything better with a lethargic performance. When the whole thing is going down like the Hindenburg, there’s something refreshing about Kim Jong-un’s “Why am I even here?” attitude that puts a grin on our faces.

You can check the video out for yourself below, but we promise you it will be as uncomfortable as pooping in a stall with no door. (If the Youku video doesn’t work for you, try this YouTube mirror.)

Well, after that, we suppose you’ll need a good palette cleanser. How about taking a gander at this cutie? At least there’s no awkward dancing!

Sources: Youku, Shanghaiist, Chugokugo Mattari Gakushuuki
Image: Youku