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Ahead of their upcoming Japanese appearance, the a cappella phenoms released a new medley video that smells pretty good.

Earlier this year, Pentatonix released their self-titled 2015 album in Japan with a special treat. Excited fans of NBC’s The Sing-Off’s third season champions were delighted to find an additional track of Perfume songs mixed and performed in that special Pentatonix way. Pulling from various Perfume hits such as “Spending All My Time”, “Pick Me Up”, “Chocolate Disco” and “Polyrhythm”, the medley weaves together Pentatonix’s signature vocal stylings with the techno-pop sounds of the Japanese trio. To herald their return to Japan for the music festival Summer Sonic, the American vocalists released a video for their Perfume medley on YouTube.

Just like their well-known Daft Punk medley, Pentatonix used make-up to achieve a specific look and the results definitely match their impressive vocal abilities.

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While Perfume is not as popular worldwide as Daft Punk, Pentatonix’s new video is garnering a lot of views. As with any piece of public work, there are bound to be criticisms ranging from the way the members of the group look to their ability to speak Japanese, but the overwhelming opinion seems to be positive. And for the record, many J-pop artists don’t have perfect English either, so we’d say the Pentatonix crew does a pretty good job!

Source: Nari Nari
Top image: YouTube/PTX official