If you’ve been reading up on our international medical news recently, you may have stumbled upon the shocking story of staff posing for photos during surgery on a patient at a hospital in China. While the news was disturbing to say the least, it seems they’re not the only ones fooling around in the operating room, with a new set of images from a clinic in South Korea showing medical staff enjoying birthday cake, games and unabashed selfies, even with the patient lying unconscious in the medical chair.

The images, apparently posted by a staff member, were taken at the well-known Jewelry Plastic Surgery Center in the affluent district of Gangnam, an area made famous by pop star Psy’s worldwide hit “Gangnam Style”. The behaviour of staff at this particular clinic has led many to question what really goes on in the multi-million dollar industry. The collection of photos show a number of questionable practices, including what look like impromptu parties being held and staff striking poses which show little regard for the patient in their care.

▼ In line for the “what-were-they-thinking?” award of the year is this worker – who actually tagged the hospital director behind her – used the hashtag #inthemiddleofanoperation, and then posted her picture online.

surgery selfie

▼ Other staff appear to gossip and play-fight while a patient lies in the chair, unaware of what’s going on around her.



▼ These photos were taken when the surgeon apparently allowed staff to enjoy a party in the operating room.



▼ And burgers in the operating room.


▼ How not to respect the patient: strike a pose with their implant. And then post it on social media.


▼ Time for the operation – but first, let me take a selfie.

Group selfie

▼ A surgical clinic is not the place to make it rain with money taken from your clientelle.



The clinic has reportedly apologised for the actions of its staff and officials are conducting an investigation into any possible violation of medical laws. If their behaviour is deemed to have damaged the reputation of medical practitioners, a suspension can be ordered under South Korean medical law.

Source/images: Otonarisoku