Few could have imagined that a bearded man dressed in a girl’s school uniform would prove to be big a hit. Even fewer perhaps would have guessed that putting said individual in a J-pop group alongside a couple of Japanese teens would be something people would actually want to watch, but watch they do, and LADYBABY is currently taking Japan by storm.

In the music video for their first upcoming single release, “Tokyo Manju”, Japan’s most curious trio takes to the streets of Tokyo to show you all the wonderful things we love about Japanese culture.

When Gackt said the Cool Japan campaign needed a revamp, I don’t think this is quite what he had in mind…

LADYBABY, formed earlier this year, is an idol pop trio made up of members Ladybeard, Rie Kaneko, and Rei Kuromiya, with special appearances by model Shizu Mizuno and Maru-sama the dog.


In this wacky yet catchy music video the group put out last weekend, dubbed “kawaii core” (“kawaii”/”cute” + “hardcore”), LADYBABY introduces viewers to everything great that good ‘ol Nippon has to offer, including an array of delicious food, sights, and…


Check it out below!

For those who think Ladybeard outshines the other two girls, you’d be mistaken! Kaneko, Kuromiya, and even special guest Mizuno are all winners of the Miss iD 2015 idol audition contest, each bringing their own established fan base to the table. Even Maru-sama the dog shows us his bark is louder than his bite with his dog shout back-up vocals.

In fact, some of Japan’s biggest heavyweights in the music industry, including ROLLY on guitar, Haijmetal on keyboard, and high-profile J-pop composer Takashi Asano, were brought out to help ensure this group isn’t just another over-the-top, one hit wonder.

For those of you that found yourself bopping or head-banging along to the video, be on the look out for the release of “Tokyo Manju”, featuring the coupling track ”ULTRA☆LUCKY”, later this month on July 29.

Even for our readers who just weren’t feeling the “kawaii core”, you have to admit it’s probably one of the best uses of a selfie stick you’ve seen in a while. At the very least, it’s a performance we’re sure you won’t be able to forget anytime soon.

Source: YouTube
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