Despite what many Japanese and Americans think, when we Brits envisage having a cup of tea, it’s usually more “in a giant mug with biscuits for dipping and the TV on” than “cucumber sandwiches and sipping from a china cup.”

If we had access to teabags as delicate and beautifully designed as these Goldfish-shaped teabags from Taiwanese company Charm Villa, though, I think even we Brits might be inclined to switch off the TV and make tea-time chill-out time a bit more often.

Spotted by our Japanese sister site Pouch, these ornate teabags are perfect for a nice, relaxing cup of cha while overlooking a Japanese water garden or relaxing in a traditional ryokan.

Unlike the usual square or circular teabags we often throw into our mugs to make a quick brew, Charm Villa’s teabags feature a unique three-dimensional design and an assortment of flaps and fins to make them look exactly like a tiny goldfish peeping over the edge of your cup.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.52.50 AM

They may start off pure white, but when placed in a cup – or bowl, if you’re feeling particularly whimsical – of hot water, the teabag fish (tea-fish?) will slowly start to change colour, becoming a rich golden-brown. Peer into your cup and you’d swear that there was a real goldfish swimming in it, albeit one that had taken the bait on the end of some indiscriminate fisherman’s line.


It looks like Charm Villa’s products are currently only available to buy within Taiwan, but maybe if enough of us pester them on Facebook they’ll start shipping overseas, so be sure to stop by their page when you have a second.

Photos: Charm VillaFacebook

▼ Someone get these fish some hot water to swim in!

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