Art Aquarium Ginza offers a captivating new way to enjoy the cherry blossoms–with goldfish!

The extremely Instagrammable museum ushers in sakura season with gorgeous displays of real fish, illuminations, and cherry blossom decorations galore.

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Over 30,000 goldfish on display at Art Aquarium, Tokyo’s newest Instagrammable spot

Art gets a bit more aquatic in this new museum!

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People in Japan go crazy for Japanese koi fish with love hearts on its eyes

People are travelling far and wide to catch a glimpse of the rare beauty in this koi fish pond.

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Awesome phone booth aquarium removed from Japanese city due to copyright infringement

After years of attracting visitors from all over Japan, this quirky display has finally moved on.

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Cute Japanese cat fails to catch virtual iPad goldfish, captures Internet’s heart anyway【Video】

Don’t give up, little guy! Not because you can catch them, but because it’s so adorable to watch you try.

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Here’s an important message about macho goldfish from university baseball in Japan

Television coverage of baseball in Japan really takes you inside the game like no other.

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Goldfish style: The elegant way to drink shochu in Japan

Drinking method is beautiful to look at–and could help mask the taste of burning alcohol.

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“Nurse Goldfish” in Hokkaido amazingly appears to help disabled friend eat every time

This little guy sets a shining example for goldfish everywhere – people could learn a thing or two from it as well.

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Miniature food artist creates little Japanese festival featuring candy apples and tiny takoyaki

These photos make us want to shrink ourselves down and make a purchase at the mini festival stalls!

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Enjoy the sights and sounds of Art Aquarium any time you like with this miniature home version

When art meets goldfish, it’s a beautiful thing.

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New Edo Goldfish Wonderland to open at Tokyo Skytree this summer for a limited time

With lanterns, cocktails and one thousand unusual goldfish, this is the coolest place to hang out in your yukata this summer.

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Exhibit of goldfish art by Riusuke Fukahori takes our breath away!【Pics】

Artist Riusuke Fukahori’s goldfish creations made of resin are so lifelike, they look like they could start swimming right before your eyes! Read More

Japanese designer’s goldfish bags are as elegant as the long-tailed beauties they’re styled after

Eye-catching purses are handmade and feature antique gold.

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Take a look at these gorgeous goldfish… created by a Japanese artist!【Pics & Videos】

Wait, you mean these aren’t real goldfish? Well, they look simply amazing—and you can see them now on display in New York!

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Giant 25cm-long ‘miracle goldfish’ found after hiding in Japanese aquarium for seven years

Of all the underwater creatures you can find in aquariums, a goldfish might not seem too special. But there’s one goldfish in Shima Marineland in Japan’s Mie Prefecture with a life-story more exciting than most.

Thrown into a tank as food for a larger species, this plucky fish not only escaped predators, but managed to slip into a water filtration tank where it survived undetected for seven years – growing to a length of 25cm (10 inches) – before being discovered by aquarium staff.

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Enjoy a relaxing bowl of tea with these beautiful goldfish-shaped teabags from Taiwan

Despite what many Japanese and Americans think, when we Brits envisage having a cup of tea, it’s usually more “in a giant mug with biscuits for dipping and the TV on” than “cucumber sandwiches and sipping from a china cup.”

If we had access to teabags as delicate and beautifully designed as these Goldfish-shaped teabags from Taiwanese company Charm Villa, though, I think even we Brits might be inclined to switch off the TV and make tea-time chill-out time a bit more often.

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【TBT】Japanese artist paints breathtakingly lifelike 3-D goldfish using layers of resin

Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori has captivated the world with a series of stunningly realistic three-dimensional paintings featuring goldfish.

Fukahori paints the goldfish by using acrylic paint on layers of clear resin, meticulously adding layer upon layer to give the paintings an amazing sense of depth. The result is an image so breathtakingly detailed that we could only think these were real goldfish suspended in time.

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