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In today’s age, advertisements in all shapes and form — from posters to TV commercials to internet ads — are a part of life, whether we like it or not. Indeed, they surround us to such an extent that it’s hard for any single ad to stand out. But ad agencies try to grab our attention anyway, using ever changing techniques, don’t they? And sometimes, it seems they do a pretty good job, as in the case of this interesting ad that we happened to stumble upon recently. And when we say “stumble upon”, we mean it quite literally. We nearly stepped all over the ad — because part of it extended onto the floor!

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This clever piece of advertising, which we found at the Shinbashi subway station, is actually a  large poster, almost like a full-size sign, promoting a drama series for the Japanese cable channel WOWOW.

▼The ad, for the most part, is a poster put up on pillars in the subway station. Money 3

▼But as you can see, what makes the ad unique is that it also makes use of the space on the ground as well. In a continuation of the falling bills drawn on the poster, there’s a small pile of bills plastered on the ground as part of the ad!Money 4

▼The ad is for a TV drama titled “Akka (悪貨)” (literally, “Bad Currency”), a financial thriller which deals with the subject of counterfeit money, hence the bills on the ground.
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▼The drama stars popular actor and actress Mitsuhiro Oikawa and Meisa Kuroki, and will be broadcast over five episodes on WOWOW every Sunday evening at 10 p.m. from November 23 to December 21. Money 6

▼The drama was advertised on several pillars, with even digital posters on display.Money 7

So, what did you think? The ad definitely made us stop and pay attention, and we thought it was a delightfully clever way to use space for advertising. It certainly made us take note of the drama, which is what an ad is supposed to do, after all, so a job well-done to whoever came up with the idea of bills flowing out of a poster! Now, if only the bills were real…!

Reference: WOWOW website (Japanese)
Photos: RocketNews24