Gorgeous Pokémon sculpture made from beer bottles and crystal candy

Creative YouTuber also makes Pokémon that actually charge phones, act as speakers, and more.

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All you need is one purchase from the 100-yen store to replicate this amazing trick shot【Pics】

Japanese teen photographer wows the world with a reflection made from neither water nor a mirror.

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Our reporter documents his epic fail at designing original SoraNews24 socks at Muji

Nothing like a good pair of socks to remind us that some people are blessed with artistic talent and others, well, aren’t.

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Embrace your inner oyster fanatic with huggable oyster meat cushion and cute oyster compact case

Even if the world isn’t your oyster, you can make your world be about oysters with these new eye-catching goods.

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Japanese mother creates life-size cardboard cutout of herself to soothe her child 【Pics & Video】

Parents can and will go to great lengths to get some shred of (quiet) privacy.

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Japanese Twitterer makes beautiful rose stamp from vegetable scraps

Sometimes it’s okay to play with your food.

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Gundam model enthusiast turns plain smartphone case into amazing work of art

In one day, this artist adds years to this phone case.

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Japan’s Twitterers show off more clever ways to transform 100-yen store items

These are the best “wrong” way to use those 100-yen purchases.

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Japanese cosplayers show off amazing accessories made using goods from 100 yen stores

Cosplay accessories that are easy on both the wallet and the eyes.

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One of the most popular cosplays at Comiket: a kamehameha beam from Dragon Ball

Not cosplaying as Goku, but as the actual kamehameha beam itself.

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Japanese netizens create adorable, edible “cat bread” 【Pics】

Cat meets toast! Read more to learn all about this simple, yet creative internet craze that’s sweeping Japan.

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Art student goes through a lot of effort to create the look of a line sketch 【Art】

From far away it looks like a simple drawing on paper, so you might never guess how it’s actually made.

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Heavy snowfall gives the people of Japan a chance to show off their secret sculpting skills【Pics】

When a pipe and button nose just won’t cut it anymore…

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Never buy new socks again with this cute and stylish “designer socks” makeover

A Japanese Twitter user has been wearing some of the same socks for over 20 years, opting to fix them up with cute, economical patches rather than throwing them out!

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Make kitty happy with these clever cat project ideas

Find your purr-fect creativity outlet over the holidays and give these eight kitty-compatible DIY projects a try.

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High school students create amazing musical arcade game for their school festival

Autumn is the season of school cultural festivals (bunkasai) in Japan. Students pour hours and hours of their time into creating the best possible attractions, food stands, and performances and proudly display these efforts of love for the surrounding community to enjoy.

There must be something in the water because, starting with the teacups ride we introduced last month, Japanese students seem to be showing some unprecedented creativity this year. Just take this musical arcade game that was built entirely by high schoolers, and which many stunned guests have proclaimed to be “good enough to be in a real game center.”

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South Korean beverage maker teases consumers with bottles they can literally undress

The beach is, for obvious reasons, one of the most popular leisure destinations during summer. There’s so much to enjoy at the beach during the hotter months: the sun, the sea breeze, the refreshing water… and of course it’s bikinis and guys with well-sculpted bods galore.

But this summer in South Korea, it’s not just the beach babes and hunks who are strutting around in their skimpy swimwear. Even the world-famous probiotic beverage Yakult is showing off its shapely body in a variety of swimsuits! Check out the designs after the break!

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Make a cute and simple origami chopstick rest with nothing but the wrapper they come in 【Video】

So you’ve mastered the use of chopsticks and can proudly turn down the offer of a fork when you go to your favorite Asian restaurant. Many upscale eateries will probably supply you with a hashioki or chopstick rest to set the eating-end of your utensils on when not in use. At more casual restaurants, though, you have no choice but to lay them across your plate or setting them on a napkin so as not to touch the table’s surface.

Or, if you’re feeling crafty and would like to try your hand at some origami, you can use the paper wrapper your chopsticks came in to create a cute and useful peacock chopstick rest!

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Creatively designed sushi roll towels give daily life a little extra flavor

When made properly, sushi rolls can be a pretty colorful and nicely designed food. There’s the white of the rice contrasting with the black/dark green of the seaweed, and then there are the colorful main ingredients, such as bright-orange ikura, green cucumber, yellow egg, and deep-red tuna. Maybe it’s this presentation that has drawn many companies to make products modeled after everyone’s favorite raw fish roll.

In the past year, a couple of brands have come out with incredibly cute and creative sushi roll towels. Unfolded, they look just like interestingly patterned towels, but bundled up, they turn into sushi rolls that look so delicious you’ll want to take a bite!

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Mastered origami? Try the next traditional Japanese paper art: kirie!【Photos】

Most people who have a fondness for Japan have encountered origami at one point or another. It’s certainly one of the most famous of the Japanese paper arts and the origami crane carries so much more meaning than a simple piece of paper.

Another Japanese art that utilizes the complexities of paper is kirie, or paper cutting art. All it takes is a craft knife, a little dedication and free time and you can turn a black piece of paper into a stand-out work of art. Looking for a new hobby this winter vacation? Look no further than kirie!

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