Who you gonna call…? Frederik Kriekenbeek! No, that’s not the Cebuano word for “Ghostbuster,” it’s the name of the local priest who specializes in exorcisms in Cebu, Philipines.

What seems like a case of ghostly possession has struck the idyllic Filipino island when, on November 21, 14 students fainted when they were “possessed” by a ghost. Never fear though, this does seem to happen every once in a while; that’s why they have a local priest who specializes in exorcisms. He really is, who they call.

Located in the middle of the Philippines, the island of Cebu is literally an island paradise. Crystal blue water surrounds the many beaches you can visit. It’s a non-stop relaxation celebration! But perhaps Japanese visitors have been choosing Cebu Island for a different reason. Cebu and other places in the Philippines have a history of spiritual possessions. Four students claimed to have been possessed in October and then in late November, a girl panicked when she claimed to see a ghost of a small child. After fainting, 13 other girls also fainted when they saw the same ghost.

cebu 2Image: Flickr (anantns)

In the most recent incident, all the girls were students of Toong Integrated School in the mountain district of Toong, Cebu City. After collapsing, the students were taken to Frederick Kriekenbeek, the local exorcist, on the recommendation of a parish priest. Thankfully, after an exorcism ceremony, each of the girls woke up.

Seems like pretty compelling proof of paranormal possession, or is it? Cooler heads may prevail on this day as local authorities are attributing this fainting case to mass hysteria. When one student claims to see a ghost and then faints, others are apt to do the same. The authorities believe that parents and children need to be careful of the things they read and watch so that they don’t incite panic in themselves and others. This explanation may come as a disappointment to ghost hunters who are looking for their next vacation spot.

Still, some Japanese net users might believe the ghost explanation, but don’t seem too upset about the situation.

“Ghosts may have been present but it’s likely because of the high school girls’ impressionable age.”

“It’s just young kids that are interested in spirits and the occult, so they saw a ghost.”

cebu 3Image: Flickr (anantns)

Whether it was a case of ghostly possession or a case of mass hysteria, we hope the girls have fully recovered and don’t experience anymore otherworldly encounters.

Source: My Game News Flash, via Livedoor News
Top Image: Flickr (gamene)