firework 1

Anything worth doing in excess is worth overdoing in excess. Or at least that seems to be the motto for this gathering in Taiwan. An entire street is covered in what looks like red scraps of paper, or if you’re feeling more poetic, flower petals. Turns out it’s neither of those things, and as the following video will show, “Boom Boom Pow!”

That’s right, what you see here is a street full of firecrackers. This event is perhaps celebrating the Lantern Festival, which happened the day before the video was uploaded, and puts your childhood explosive experiments to shame. Whatever crazy ideas you had with firecrackers growing up is pitifully miniscule compared to the hundreds of thousands of firecrackers that are all lined up and ready to snap, crackle and pop. With safety precautions being limited to a cordoned off area lined with flammable boxes, one has to wonder, hasn’t anyone on this street heard of firework safety?!?

It appears not, as a crowd of people start to whip out their smartphones when it looks like the first firework is about to be lit.

firework 2

And then there was smoke, a lot of smoke.

firework 6

And fire, a lot of fire.

firework 4

Check out the pile of empty boxes in the back. That is a ton of firecrackers.

firework 5

It left us feeling like we wanted them to do it all over again. Good thing it was filmed so we don’t have to set it up ourselves.

Source: Kotaro via YouTube
Image: YouTube