As light and airy as a cloud, could this really be the best ice cream in Tokyo? 

If there’s one thing our writer Mr Sato loves more than a huge sweet as big as his face, it’s ice cream. And in his never-ending quest to try every hyped-up variety in the city, he recently found himself on the trail for “the best milk soft cream in Tokyo“.

This particular soft-serve ice cream has been making waves on social media, and is being provided to the ice-cream-loving masses by Café du Riche. Located on a busy street not far from a university, there were plenty of foreign students around when Mr Sato visited, but curiously, nobody was lining up to try the city’s best milk soft cream.

The lack of customers was probably due to the fact that Mr Sato had arrived on a weekday morning, but he wasn’t complaining. He was happy to not have to wait in line as that just gave him more time to peruse the menu.

The Soft Milk Ice Cream can be topped with caramel or chocolate sauce, choc chips, peanuts, or kinako roasted soybean powder for an extra 100 yen (US$0.92) each.

While the Affogato version looked divine, Mr Sato decided to go for the plain Soft Milk Ice Cream to get the true, untainted taste of the dessert. And when it was handed to him, he could tell this was going to be an ice cream to remember.

▼ Despite its stiff peak, the ice cream looked as light and airy as a cloud.

Mr Sato dipped his spoon into the dessert and licked his lips in anticipation. And after his first mouthful, he immediately understood what all the fuss was about, as this had the same texture as Japan’s premium “Cremia” variety of soft-serve ice cream, which has become a hit with locals and tourists in recent years.

Unlike Cremia, though, which is rich in fresh cream and butterfat, this soft-serve seemed less heavy and more refreshing. It was delicious on the palate too, with a mild sweetness that left Mr Sato wanting more, even after he’d finished it all.

So was it the best ice cream in Tokyo? According to Mr Sato, it was definitely up there in his top five. But given that everyone has different palates and preferences, it’s hard to say that anything is the “best” of its kind.

If you like rich and creamy soft serve ice creams, Mr Sato recommends Cremia, but for a lighter and more refreshing, yet equally delicious alternative, this variety from Café du Riche is sure to curl your toes. If you prefer poop with your ice cream, though, this store in Nara has exactly what you’re looking for.

Shop information
Café du Riche / カフェドリッチェ
Address: Tokyo-to, Shinjuku-ku, Okubo 1-17-10
Hours: 9:00 a.m.-11:30 p.m. (weekdays) 9:00 a.m.-12:00 a.m. (weekends and public holidays)

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