Have you ever wondered what happened to Anna after the Disney movie Frozen ended? Well, according to one iPhone app maker, Anna married her new beau Kristoff and immediately got pregnant. She’s nine months in and in need of a C-section. But who will perform the surgery?! You will, with this silly new app available on the Apple app store. 

▼ Check out the different tools you get to use! A magic wand!


By silly, I mean, it’s hard to believe that this app even exists. In such disbelief, I found myself downloading the free app, just to see it with my own eyes (which, in hindsight, is probably the same reason why so many other people have downloaded it).

The basic premise of the “game” is that Anna is pregnant and you are the one performing her C-section. You are provided with the necessary tools that any professional surgeon would require: A heart-rate monitor, a syringe filled with what I assume to be some kind of anesthesia, a scalpel, a magic wand and some kind of glowing, magical energy ball.

After being guided through the surgery, use the magic energy ball to shrink Anna’s belly back to her slim waist line. The baby is then placed on a scale, weighed and then you wrap it up in a blanket. The End.

The “game” takes about one minute to complete and that’s it, which is part of the criticism. You can replay the game, but something tells me that the ending is going to be exactly the same. In defense of the game, what else is there really to do? I mean, you have a magic wand and energy ball at your disposal, of course it’s only going to take a minute.

▼ The baby isn’t particularly cute…


Reviewers of the game, both from Japan and abroad, are pretty evenly spit between five-star lovers and one-star haters.

The lovers make comments like:

“On the bottom right, you can see a little bit of Anna’s underwear.”

“They were considerate enough to cover Anna’s crotch with flowers.”


“This app has changed the way I look at the world!”

“This app, quite frankly, is possibly the best app I’ve ever had the pleasure of downloading onto my phone.”

The more negative comments include:

“It’s a waste of time and effort.”

“It only took three minutes to complete. I was hoping it would be kind of erotic, but it wasn’t at all. Waste of time.”

“What were they thinking?!”

“It’s really terrible.”

“Beautiful idea. Terrible execution.”

“Who would make something so stupid or weird?”


“Apple doesn’t filter apps very well…”

Okay, so some of the positive comments may or may not be facetious, but I think some of them were genuine — to each his own, right? My favorite Japanese comment has to be “sukoshimo itakunaiwa,” (it doesn’t hurt at all) poking fun at the lyrics to the Japanese version of the movie’s hit song, “Let It Go,” “sukoshimo samukunaiwa” (I’m not cold at all).

The game may be weird, but it is getting a lot of downloads, so maybe the creator, Oleg Vinogorodov, is on to something here. In the least, he knows how to get people’s attention.

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Images: iTunes (Anna Giving Birth)