Larger-than-life columnist and talent Matsuko Deluxe is well-known for her sharp tongue, particularly where pretty ladies are concerned. This week the target of her ire is idol groups like AKB48.

On a radio show Monday, she slammed the idea of them performing for the Tokyo Olympics as “embarrassing.”

The comments came as part of a discussion about the announcement by AKB48’s producer Yasushi Akimoto regarding his desire to create a Japan48 group to perform at the 2020 Olympics. Lest you think that is farfetched showbiz dreaming, Akimoto is part of the Organizing Committee’s executive board and will have a hand in creating the ceremonies.

Matsuko recoiled at the idea. “I absolutely don’t want them to perform at the opening ceremony,” she said. “As long as they aren’t part of the opening or closing ceremony, I don’t care what they do, but please use somebody for the opening and closing ceremonies that wouldn’t be an embarrassment.”

On the Itai News message board, readers seemed inclined to agree.

“That is a sound argument.”

“That’s the consensus of the rest of Japan.”

“AKB is the shame of Japan.”

Matsuko went on to say that the recent trend of increasing spectacle for the ceremonies wasn’t Japan’s style. She suggested “something quiet would be more Japanese.”

What do you think, Rocketeers? What kind of opening ceremony would you like to see for 2020?

Source: Livedoor, Itai News
Image: RocketNews24