If you plan to attend, get your application in before May 29!

The excitement has been building for the Tokyo Olympics as we get closer and closer to summer 2020. With the games just a little more than a year away, and with an opening ceremony with an elaborate torch relay that might include instant transmission planned, we can’t wait to get our hands on some tickets!

▼ “Experience the Infinite Excitement”

And now you can! Applications for the ticket lottery for the Tokyo Olympics opened at 10 a.m. on May 9 for those who live in Japan. Since it’s a lottery system, you can apply any time between now and 11:59 p.m. on May 29, and it won’t affect your chances of getting tickets, so there’s no need to rush to it. Unlike the mad dash, panic, fighting, and scalping that could result from “while supplies last” sales, the Olympic Committee hopes this will be a much more peaceful method, especially since they expect extremely high demand for tickets for the Opening Ceremony and the most popular sports.

The tickets available via the lottery are for the Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, and all but one of the 33 sports (boxing is the only sport excluded), and you can apply here (English available), though only residents of Japan may apply through this link. The Olympic Committee kindly asks that overseas customers purchase tickets through Authorized Ticket Resellers in their country of residence, of which there is a list on the website.

For residents, the process to apply seems relatively straightforward, although you will have to make an account on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics website first. But they’ve even made a helpful video guide to show you how to do the whole process, so it shouldn’t be difficult to enter your name in the lottery!

Thankfully, it looks like the committee has also put controls in place to prevent people from winning–and buying up–all of the tickets. You can sign up for up to eight tickets per sporting session, with a maximum of 30 tickets per person. You are free to choose the dates and events you want to see, and what kind of seating you want, though it seems that prices will differ depending on the location of the seats and whether the event is a qualifying, final, or medal round. Choose wisely, however; if you pick 30 different events with A-level seating and are selected, you will be required to buy all 30, which will likely be a hefty cost!

So if you’re a resident in Japan–whether you have a foreigner’s residency card or Japanese nationality–apply before May 29 if you want to attend an event at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The results will be announced on June 20, so hopefully you can contain your excitement until then!

Source: Yahoo! News via Otacom
Top image: YouTube/Tokyo2020