Detractors call the title and lyrics of Nogizaka46 song, the video for which has just been released, a poor fit for the independent DC Comics star.

Wonder Woman doesn’t have much of an existing position in the Japanese poplar imagination, but a number of Japanese fans who are familiar with the character weren’t pleased when some ads made a noticeable point of her lack of romantic experience. Now, though, it’s the film’s Japanese language image song that some are saying betrays the essence of the character, due in no small part to its title, “Onna ha Hitori ja Nerenai,” which translates to “A Woman Can’t Sleep Alone.”

The song is by idol singer unit Nogizaka46, the “official rivals” of AKB48 (though producer Yasushi Akimoto is in charge of both groups). Nogizaka46 is also acting as Wonder Woman’s “official ambassadors, in Japan” participating in cross-promotional projects, one of which is “A Woman Can’t Sleep Alone” being designated as the “image song” of the film.

▼ Nogizaka46 promoting Wonder Woman

Those critical of the musical tie-up say it runs contrary to Wonder Woman’s strong, independent personality to promote her film with a song claiming a woman can’t sleep by herself.

▼ Video for “A Woman Can’t Sleep Alone”

Online criticisms have included:

“This is Wonder Woman we’re talking about. She should have a stronger-sounding song.”

“If you’re going to choose an image song for Wonder Woman, shouldn’t it be a powerful song about the beauty of life?”

“You’re saying Wonder Woman can’t sleep alone? Please, don’t put this image song in the Japanese-subtitled theatrical release.”

“As someone who likes both Nogizaka46 and American comics, I’m really disappointed by the title and lyrics.”

“The song’s guitar and strings are a good fit for Wonder Woman, so I really wish Akimoto had given it a proper title and lyrics.”

Speaking of those lyrics, which Akimoto wrote himself, they translate as:

The searchlight shines on the steel beams of the construction site
What dream did they have for this city’s future?
A heavy love hangs on the rooftop crane
Where will it be carried to?

Even if I turn my eyes above, darkness is all there is
The only flashes of light are beyond that

A woman can’t always sleep by herself (love gets in the way)
What should I do?
My feeling are stirring, and I can’t sleep (something in my heart is crying out)
I’m not not not lonely. I want to be with someone

A siren calls out as dawn come to the street corner
What have I given up on since yesterday?
The warmth that came from my stubborn beliefs
Is laughing with my cold bedsheets

Even if I try to stop it, things end up the same
I’m shackled by my foolish love

Some day, a woman can sleep alone (once she stops dreaming)
Until then, she sleeps with her eyes open (this world is just an illusion)
I’m not not not lonely. And I don’t cry

I want to be strong
I won’t rely on anything in this lonely world
My desire excites me

A woman, a woman, can’t always sleep by herself (love gets in the way)
What should I do?
My feeling are stirring, and I can’t sleep (something in my heart is crying out)
I’m not not not lonely. I want to be with someone.
I’m not not not lonely. I want to be with you.

In the video’s defense, the visuals don’t do anything to imply that the women portrayed (members of Nogizaka46 living in a dystopian future) need a man’s help, as they’re shown to be capable of medical care, botany, melee combat, and magically controlling the powers of fire and ice, As a matter of fact, the only male characters who show up at all in the five-minute music video are a team of semi-demonic assailants, all of whom are killed off-screen by the armed idol singers.

Even still, some online commenters have interpreted the lyrics as an association that women are inherently weak, and say the song is putting a damper on their excitement about watching Wonder Woman’s first solo film.

Source: IT Media
Top image: Wonder Woman movie official website