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Nowadays there’s a social networking system (SNS) for just about anything. In Japan, aside from the big ones like Facebook and Twitter, the LINE messaging service (and life-LINE service) and Niconico Douga are also extremely popular ways to talk with your friends – both on and offline – about stuff you love.

And that’s just scratching the surface. There’s plenty more, based around every imaginable interest. In fact, pretty much the only kind of SNS that doesn’t exist is one based around posting and sharing erotic anime-style drawings of men loving on each other.

…until now. Meet Horne.

Horne (pronounced hor-ne, more on the name later) is a part of the larger erotic-drawing SNS Nijie. It prides itself on being: “A place where users can submit and browse erotic images.” While most of the pictures contained in it are far from RocketNews24-appropriate, here’s from the official Nijie Twitter account that can help give a closer idea of what it’s all about:

▼ Dude, she’s just caught in the rain. Really, really thick rain.

Horne is a recently opened part of Nijie catering to fujoshi, or women who like comics/stories about men loving on other men. Here’s a translation of the official description:

“Submit and browse illustrations at Horne!
Support fujoshi artists, browse erotic illustrations, and more!”

Again, most of the pictures from the Horne website and official Twitter did not get past the RocketNews24 censors, but here’s a sampling of some of their promotional images:

▼ Oh, well that’s not so bad. They even still have all of their clothes-

▼ I spoke too soon.

Japanese netizens had a wide variety of reactions to Horne’s opening, most of which concentrated on the name “Horne” itself.  It’s written “horune” in Japanese, with “horu” being a verb that can mean many things, from digging, to excavating, to *ahem* what two men who love each other do to each other. It doesn’t hurt that “horne” also sounds like “horny” in English, making it a pretty ridiculous name no matter which language you speak.

“Wow. Talk about a spot-on name.”
“Yeah, it’s pretty brutally honest about what it is.”
“Wait a minute, aren’t all image-sharing sites erotic image sites?”
“I hope fujoshi will stop posting all over Pixiv now!”
“Japan is truly a wonderful country.”
“Good luck with all your ‘excavating’ guys!”

If you’re a fujoshi yourself, then check out Horne’s website. There’s certainly a lot of “excavating” to be had, but if you’re a fan of the art style, then you’re probably just fine with that.

Source: Horne via My Game News Flash
Featured/top image: Twitter