10 ways being an anime otaku was different 30 years ago

Japanese fans sound off on things that used to be a normal part of the otaku life, but aren’t anymore.

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Sexual appetites of anime and manga fans are served by very different “meals.”

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From hugs to piggybacks and intimate kisses, this reference manual is filled with romantic male-on-male love scenarios.

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Japanese boy band shakes up the music world as all nine members kiss each other in new video clip

If there was an award for most male-on-male kisses in a mainstream music video, this idol group would take home first prize.

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Anime/manga fans flood publisher’s office with Valentine’s Day presents for 2-D crushes

Popular series’ title refers to a prince, but he’s also the king of Valentine’s Day chocolate.

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A figure skating anime is suddenly boosting Chanel sales, and not everyone is happy

The luxury fashion brand owes a few thanks to a popular new anime which focuses on competitive men’s figure skating.

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Japan’s handsome anime ramen idols are back again to give you their hot, flavorful noodles【Vid】

Female characters also join ramen/cooking promotion for first time.

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Japan’s largest anime megashop to open new branch in Akihabara specifically for women

Retail chain Animate is dedicating an all-new store in Tokyo to girls’ anime and manga.

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Aichi Police send unorthodox message to molesters via poster with homoerotic undertones

At a first glance, you’d probably be hard pressed to figure out what this poster is promoting, but that may be the genius of it.

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Rejoice! Anime about boys who love Boys’ Love coming this summer!

Because fujoshi aren’t the only ones who enjoy watching boys getting it on. Finally, some love for fudanshi!

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Female anime fans swarm Tokyo convention site in massive numbers 【Photos】

Hardcore fans brave the elements and the crowds by lining up hours before start of dojinshi comic event.

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No boys allowed! Take a look inside Japan’s first cafe for female otaku ONLY

A new cafe for female otaku in Osaka says neither boys nor normies are allowed. Naturally, we had to check it out for ourselves! 

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Japan now has anime character crotch pillows

Will the fact that they’re perpetually soft boost or hinder sales?

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New cushions let you achieve the dream of sitting on your anime crush’s face

Do you love you anime crush enough to sit on his face?

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Sexiest stickers ever? Boys’ love game maker produces official stickers of gentlemen’s nip-nips

Earlier this week, we took a look at Out Division, a boys love online game produced by BLobby, and its unique nipple matching memory game. Even among fans of the genre, people who generally enjoy the visual delight that is dishevelled men, some found the nipple-centric features of Out Division to be slightly disturbing and borderline ridiculous.

But it seems the game maker’s fixation with man nips doesn’t end there: BLobby has announced its participation in this year’s Animate Girl’s Festival, and it has prepared some rather eye-catching merch for the event…

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Don’t call it Boys’ Love! Japanese fujoshi finds a new term for her favorite anime trope

The international anime fan community has adopted a number of Japanese loanwords for concepts that originated in Japan and don’t have succinct, ideal vocabulary equivalents in other languages. English-language discussions between foreign fans are peppered with terms like otaku (fans whose enthusiasm for their hobby is so strong it affects their life balance), tsundere (a person whose expressions of emotion towards an object of affection run hot and cold), and moe (a feeling of devotion and protectiveness, often in response to a display of innocence or purity), just to name a few.

Now, though, the shoe’s on the other foot, as one woman in Japan with a soft spot for anime showing deep, emotional bonds between male characters is calling for the popularization of an English loanword to help her avoid being mistaken for a fan of homoerotic anime and fan fiction.

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Japanese boys love game wants players to unleash their libido, match some man-nipples

Japanese game makers and gamers take their chosen medium of entertainment very seriously, and there are titles out there for just about every conceivable audience, even niche genres such as “BL” (boys love). Although it may seem like the audience for such titles may not be so big, there are numerous BL titles on the market to satisfy the desires of fujoshi gamers.

Even among the many titles, however, one particular game titled Out Division has managed to catch its players unaware with a unique take on the classic memory game. Fancy playing a game of nipple matching, anyone?

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Breaking Fujoshi: Twitter user tries to unlock the code to girls who grow up “rotten”

The fujoshi  (“rotten girl”) subculture is well-established in Japan with its sizable population of girls and women who enjoy the past time of homoerotic fan art. Its members are often a contentious presence on the internet for their particular passion of sometimes corrupting young men’s adolescent heroes into love interests. Don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say Goku and Vegeta cuddling and making out itself isn’t right. It’s just not right for them.

Depending on your own parenting aims you may want to steer your young girl away from drawing pictures of unrealistically well-groomed samurai lying naked beneath the sheets together, or you may find it a relatively harmless pastime compared to something like airplane glue sniffing and thus want to encourage fujoshi tendencies in your young one.

Either way, one Twitter user claims to have unlocked the environmental conditions (seven in total) that make a young girl go fujoshi and presented it for peer evaluation on Twitter. But do they hold up to the scrutiny?

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We get lost in a world of steamy boy-on-boy fantasies at Ikebukuro’s BL cafe

Boys’ Love (BL) is a genre of fiction in Japan, usually taking the form of manga and anime, that depicts men in romantic relationships with one another. These homosexual stories are generally produced by and for women who want to fangirl over impossibly beautiful men getting frisky with each other.

Like with the maid cafes that cater to male otaku in Akihabara, it was only a matter of time until fictional fantasies started spilling over into the real world. My fellow reporter, Evie, and I went to visit a BL cafe near Otome Road in Ikebukuro, an area filled with stores catering to female otaku and fujoshi.

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Nowadays there’s a social networking system (SNS) for just about anything. In Japan, aside from the big ones like Facebook and Twitter, the LINE messaging service (and life-LINE service) and Niconico Douga are also extremely popular ways to talk with your friends – both on and offline – about stuff you love.

And that’s just scratching the surface. There’s plenty more, based around every imaginable interest. In fact, pretty much the only kind of SNS that doesn’t exist is one based around posting and sharing erotic anime-style drawings of men loving on each other.

…until now. Meet Horne.

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