Pretty much anyone can pick up some brownie mix at the local grocer, crack an egg into a bowl, mix, and end up with a piping hot tray of delicious goodies. That’s child’s play (literally, if you’re using an Easy Bake).

It’s another thing altogether to create some truly Pinterest-worthy “wagashi” Japanese sweets. You know what we’re talking about: The wabi-sabi-riffic, colorful eye-and-mouth candy we’ve gushed over here on this very site time and again.

Wagashi are equally intimidating items to make for foreigners and Japanese alike, often calling for seemingly exotic ingredients, mysterious baking methods and coming in hard-to-replicate shapes and sizes. But, lucky for enthusiasts, there’s now a series of home kits available online to make the process a (relative) breeze!

The Kai House SELECT “Wa Sweets” construction kits let just about anybody put together wagashi worthy of their Pinterest page – or Facebook, or Snapchat or whatever portmanteau social network you prefer.


Each of the kits, which are matched to a specific popular wagashi treat, come with a number of silicon molds and a recipe book that walks you through each and every step with helpful instructions. Just a pre-baking warning, though: for those that have never tasted wagashi before: You’re going to want to stock up on, like, 20 pounds of sugar before you get started.


You can make some truly neat creations with these kits, including mizuyokan that look like Mt. Fuji, and there’s even a kit – complete with tiny fish molds – that lets you put together your own edible aquarium.

As usual with anything truly cool coming from Japan, it’s unlikely Kai House is shipping these outside of the country, but if you’re in town, the items have recently been spotted at home centers around Japan, or you can bribe a Japanese friend to order them for you here.

Source: Hatena News
Images: Kai House Store